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#10 White Wove Endoc Blank Envelopes

Color White
Type Regular
Printed/Blank Blank
Size #10
Sealing Type Moistenable Glue
Paper Weight 24lb
SKU 1001
Height 4 1/8
width 9 1/2

#10 envelopes are the most commonly used envelopes by most offices and businesses. They have a familiar design with V-shaped flaps and diagonal seams. Highly versatile, these envelopes are used to send everyday office mails and letters. This #10 white wove envelope is highly affordable and is perfect for sending invoices, letters, and statements. Made from 24lb white stock paper, these envelopes are sufficiently durable for everyday mailing requirements. These envelopes have a wove finish, which means they are smooth to touch. These #10 white envelopes come with moisture-activated gummed sealing. This envelope is considered to be a basic office supply and is recommended for all businesses and offices.

These envelopes are precisely cut to measure exactly 4.125 x 9.5 inches and they have an enclosure space of 4 x 9.25 inches. This space is enough to fit an A4 sheet folded thrice. The envelope has a pure white color, which makes it ideal for formal correspondences.

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