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#10 White Window Security Tinted Flip & Stick Endoc Blank Envelopes


Addressing each and every mail when sending mass mailers can be a frustrating chore. Window envelopes offer a simple solution. They eliminate the need to print or write the recipient’s address. Users simply need to line up the address printed on the document with the transparent window in a way that it’s visible from outside. This #10 envelope is bright white in color and it comes with a single window. These envelopes also come with flip & stick closure system, which is a quicker and moisture-free alternative to traditional gummed seals. The envelopes are made from 24lb white stock paper. These envelopes measure 4.125 x 9.5 inches.

The window and the quicker system, make these envelopes ideal for mass mailing. Companies that need to send hundreds of monthly statements to their customers often rely on #10 window white tinted flip & stick envelopes. These envelopes come with security tint to protect any sensitive information from being viewed from outside.

excellent service and quality product
Sam from IN  • 9/26/2019 10:40 AM

I was very happy with my order. Very fast turnaround and quality envelopes. Thank you!

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