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10X13 Brown open end Endoc Blank Envelopes


Amongst all the envelope sizes commonly available for business and personal use, the 10 X 13 envelope is one of the biggest. These envelopes are specially crafted to fit unfolded documents such as agreement and contracts. These are also used to send large greeting cards, product catalogs, and more. This 10 X 13 brown open end envelope has a familiar brown-bag shade. Perfect for both personal and business mailing needs, these envelopes are made from durable brown Kraft paper. These envelopes have rectangular, gum-lined flaps and a mid-seam construction. Customers get to add black and white logos and have them pre-printed on the envelopes.

Thanks to their typical brown shade, dust marks are less noticeable on these envelopes. This trait makes them perfect for filing document. These envelopes measure 10 X 13 inches and they have a flat storage space of 9.75 x 12.25 inches. These are one of the most economical brown 10 X 13 envelopes and they are perfect for everyday business and personal use.

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