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Our comprehensive collection of 10x13 envelopes caters to a multitude of mailing requirements, featuring options such as white booklet, peel and seal, open end, and more. Ideal for sending larger documents, brochures, catalogs, or legal papers, our 10x13 envelopes are crafted to accommodate a variety of contents without folding. With a standard size of 10" x 13", these envelopes are a preferred choice for many businesses and individuals. Explore our range to find the perfect fit for your needs, whether it's white, brown, or Tyvek open end self-seal.

All Colors
  • Brown Kraft
  • White
All Sizes
  • 10 x 13
All Sealing Types
  • Self Seal
  • Moistenable Glue
  • Clasp & Moistenable Glue

Why Choose Our 10x13 Envelopes?

Versatility and Functionality: These envelopes can hold larger documents with ease, without the need for folding or cutting. From legal documents to marketing materials, our 10x13 envelopes have you covered.

Ease of Use: With options like peel and seal, mailing is straightforward and mess-free.

Aesthetic Appeal: Whether you prefer the professional look of white booklet envelopes or the durability of brown clasp and Tyvek open-end self-seal, our collection offers styles to match any correspondence.

Compatibility: Our 10x13 envelopes are suitable for most printers, allowing you to handle bulk printing efficiently.


Key Features of Our 10x13 Envelopes:

  • White Booklet Envelopes: These provide a clean and professional appearance for your important documents.

  • White Booklet Peel and Seal: Mailing is made effortless with the peel and seal feature; just peel, seal, and send!

  • White Open End, Brown Booklet, Brown Open End: These options offer flexibility in design and appearance, allowing you to choose the best match for your mailing needs.

  • Tyvek Open-End Self-Seal: For those seeking durability and protection, our Tyvek envelopes provide a strong and secure option.



Q1: What are the dimensions of a 10x13 envelope?

A: The standard size of a 10x13 envelope is 10 inches by 13 inches.

Q2: What types of documents can I send in a 10x13 envelope?

A: These envelopes are perfect for larger items like catalogs, brochures, legal papers, and more.

Q3: How does the peel-and-seal feature work in 10x13 envelopes?

A: Just like with the self-seal, you simply peel off the paper strip to reveal the adhesive, then press down to seal the envelope. No moisture is required.

Q4: What’s the difference between white and brown envelopes, and when should I use them?

A: White envelopes offer a clean and professional look, suitable for business and formal communications. Brown envelopes, including the clasp options, are often used for more casual or rugged mailings, offering a classic and practical choice.


Discover the convenience, style, and functionality of our 10x13 envelopes today. With options ranging from white booklet to brown clasp to Tyvek open-end self-seal, you'll find the perfect envelope for all your larger mailing needs.

Customer Reviews for products in #10X13

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  • star 5

    I love these for mailing brochure packages out to our clients. They get to their destination looking good and staying intact. I used to use regular envelopes and they would arrive with a tear or worse. Very worth the investment.

  • star 5

    Amazing and sturdy! I am very pleased with them!

  • star 5

    I was very excited when my order arrived a few days after ordering. The printing was nicer than expected. Thank you!

  • star 5

    Perfect for my needs! Would buy again. Business Envelopes did a great job with the printing.

  • star 5

    I use this for mailing books. I find it very effective. Quality is great!

  • star 5

    Here is a quality mailing envelope that I have bought more than once for selling books on Amazon. To save money, I wrap the book I am sending in bubble wrap, then place it inside one of these envelopes- inexpensive padded envelope! These mailing envelopes are durable enough to mail this way and you save lots of $$.

  • star 5

    I run a small business in Indianapolis and these are perfect! The envelopes are bigger than standard paper and can hold often a quite a bit. I use these with my employees who weekly scan all receipts of money the business spends and makes. We weekly use up an entire accordion binder full of paper, scan it, and file it all in ONE envelope. Love 'em! They've never ripped or broken in any place. Our old envelopes were also 10x13 but we constantly had to use two, sometimes three envelopes for the same amount of paper we use now. I will reorder again!

  • star 5

    Thank you for the order, it came early, I will stick with you guys, good service!