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10X15 - 14 Tyvek Open End Catalog Kwik-Tak Blank Envelopes

SKU 1502
Color White
Size 10x15
Sealing Type Self Seal
Booklet Type Open End
Height 10
width 13

The ultimate in durability and strength, Tyvek catalog envelopes are the ideal choice for sending mails to long-distance domestic and international destinations. Instead of using paper, these envelopes are crafted out of Olefin. This material grants these envelopes incredible strength and water resistant properties. This 10 X 15 - 14 Tyvek open end catalog envelopes have a bright white color. Offering a convenient sealing mechanism, these envelopes come with branded Kwik-Tak seal. The Kwik-Tak is a type of pressure-sensitive sealing system that requires no moisture. This envelope has no windows and a sturdy mid-seam construction. These envelopes have a formal look and a smooth finish.

The 10 X 15 envelope size is ideal for sending full-sized legal papers such as contracts and agreements. With a giant enclosure space of 9.75 x 14.5 inches, these can also be used to file or mail stacks of unfolded office documents, product catalogs, large brochures, office calendars and more.

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