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Looking for quality 10x15 envelopes for your mailing needs? Our collection of 10x15 envelopes, including traditional clasp and innovative Tyvek open-end self-seal options, offers a perfect solution for mailing larger documents, catalogs, or packages.

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  • Brown Kraft
  • White
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  • 10 x 15
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  • Clasp & Moistenable Glue
  • Peel & Seal

Why Our 10x15 Envelopes are a Perfect Choice:

  • Versatile 10x15 Size: Ideal for various types of content, including larger paper sizes and light objects.
  • High-Quality Clasp and Tyvek Envelopes: Crafted with durability and professionalism in mind, ensuring secure and elegant mailing.
  • Self-Seal Convenience: Our Tyvek open-end self-seal 10x15 envelopes provide easy sealing without the need for additional adhesives.


  • Clasp 10x15 Envelopes:

    • Secure Metal Clasp: Provides reusable secure closure.
    • Business-Friendly: Suitable for both professional and personal mailing.
  • Tyvek Open-End Self-Seal 10x15 Envelopes:

    • Tear and Moisture Resistant: Ensures that your content stays safe.
    • Efficient Self-Seal Closure: Streamlines the mailing process.


Q1: What fits in a 10x15 envelope? A: 10x15 envelopes are perfect for brochures, catalogs, and larger documents.

Q2: Why choose Tyvek open-end self-seal envelopes? A: Tyvek 10x15 envelopes offer exceptional durability and the convenience of a self-seal closure.

Q3: Can I use clasp 10x15 envelopes for business? A: Absolutely! Clasp 10x15 envelopes are an excellent choice for business correspondence.


Order Your 10x15 Envelopes Today:

Explore our range of 10x15 envelopes with clasp and Tyvek open-end self-seal options. Perfect for various mailing needs, these envelopes combine quality, functionality, and style. Shop now to elevate your mailing practices with our premium 10x15 envelopes.

Customer Reviews for products in #10X15

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  • star 5

    I use it for research and geneaology.

  • star 5

    These envelopes were exactly what I expected. Good weight, good glue, sturdy metal closure.

  • star 5


  • star 5

    I have been using this type of envelope for years, but this is a new brand and I didn't know how it would compare to others I have used. Super strong! Tear resistant! I can't say enough good things about these envelopes and will be buying them in the future.

  • star 5

    I am able to stuff a sizable amount of documents in these without folding and forcing into the envelopes!

  • star 5

    These envelopes are just as described!!! I was very satisfied with the quality. Would highly recommend to order from business envelopes!