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Introducing our select range of #11 envelopes, exclusively crafted for those who value precision and purity in their correspondence. Available in clean white and the practical white window option, these envelopes are ideal for various professional or personal mailing needs. The standard #11 envelope size (4 1/2" x 10 3/8") ensures that your documents, whether invoices, letters, or official papers, are presented with grace and functionality.

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  • White
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  • #11
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  • Moistenable Glue

Why Consider Our #11 Envelopes?

  • Perfect Fit: The #11 envelopes' dimensions of 4 1/2" x 10 3/8" make them suitable for many standard documents without unnecessary folding.
  • Clean and Professional: The bright white color ensures that your mailings always look crisp and professional.
  • Practical Design: Our white window option adds efficiency, allowing the recipient's address to be displayed without additional labeling.


Exclusive Attributes of Our #11 Envelopes:

  • White #11 Envelopes: Our pure white envelopes represent simplicity and professionalism, ideal for various business communications.
  • White Window #11 Envelopes: The clear window on these envelopes streamlines the mailing process, aligning elegance with practicality.



Q1: What size is a #11 envelope? A: The dimensions of our #11 envelopes are 4 1/2" x 10 3/8", designed to accommodate different types of documents.

Q2: Can the white window #11 envelopes save me time? A: Absolutely! The white window #11 envelopes are designed to display the recipient's address, eliminating the need for separate addressing, thus saving time.

Q3: Are #11 envelopes suitable for professional use? A: Yes, the white and white window #11 envelopes are perfect for professional correspondence, reflecting quality and attention to detail.


Explore our refined selection of #11 envelopes in the elegant white and white window options. With a focus on quality, appearance, and efficiency, these envelopes add a touch of sophistication to every piece of mail. Embrace the excellence and convenience of our #11 envelopes and make every mailing an expression of your commitment to quality. Experience the difference today.

Customer Reviews for products in #11

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  • star 5

    These are great envelopes. I use them for mailing (or forwarding) financial stuff. I can fit your Basic #10 envelope into them, no sweat! I'll order them again when I run out.

  • star 5

    I've been using these #11 envelopes for more than 20 years as my filing system for tax receipts. The #11 envelopes are just enough larger than standard #10. They are great! I now get all my envelopes with Business Envelopes!

  • star 5

    The quality of this envelope is great! Fast turnaround time.