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Explore our exclusive collection of #12 envelopes, skillfully crafted to meet your diverse mailing requirements. Available in brown, white, and white with a convenient window option, these envelopes are tailored to your business or personal needs. The #12 envelope size (4 3/4" x 11") allows for a comfortable fit for various documents, offering a professional appearance without compromising practicality.

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  • Brown Kraft
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  • #12
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  • Moistenable Glue

Why Select Our #12 Envelopes?

  • Ideal Dimensions: The #12 envelopes, measuring 4 3/4" x 11", provide just the right amount of space for multiple pages or unique-sized papers.
  • Varied Options: Whether it's the warmth of brown, the crisp professionalism of white, or the efficiency of white window, our #12 envelopes have something for every occasion.
  • Ease and Functionality: Our #12 envelopes are designed for effortless usage, reflecting your dedication to quality.


Unique Features of Our #12 Envelopes:

  • Brown #12 Envelopes: The classic brown envelopes convey a sense of tradition and reliability.
  • White #12 Envelopes: Choose white for a clean, professional look suitable for any correspondence.
  • White Window #12 Envelopes: Reduce effort with our white window option, allowing for the recipient's address to be easily displayed.



Q1: What are the exact measurements of a #12 envelope? A: Our #12 envelopes are precisely 4 3/4" x 11", accommodating various paper sizes and types.

Q2: What is the advantage of the white window #12 envelope? A: The transparent window in the white window #12 envelopes simplifies the addressing process, saving time without sacrificing style.

Q3: Can I use #12 envelopes for legal documents? A: Yes, the #12 envelopes are suitable for legal documents and other forms of professional correspondence that need extra space.


Choose from our handpicked selection of #12 envelopes in shades of brown, white, and white window. With a blend of elegance, versatility, and efficiency, our envelopes are more than just a mailing necessity – they're a statement of quality. Experience the difference with our premium #12 envelopes and elevate your mailing practices today.

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  • star 5

    This size is hard to find and I am pleased I found them, it is just so convenient! Check out their other products too!

  • star 5

    Perfect size for those "larger than normal" mailings. Good weight!

  • star 5

    Super quality!! Fast shipping!! Very good company to deal with.