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#12 White Wove Endoc Blank Envelopes


The #12 envelopes kind of bridges the gap between much bigger catalog-type envelopes and smaller #9s and #10s. Slightly bigger than #11 envelopes, these have ample space for carrying a thicker stack of office documents, greeting cards, and more. This #12 white wove envelope is perfect for everyday mailing needs. They are made from 24lb stock white paper and they have a smooth finish. To give their envelopes a professional look, customers also get the option to get their company logos and contact information pre-printed on these envelopes. The #12 envelopes are recommended for both personal and business use.

These envelopes have a classic style with diagonal seams and no windows. The #12 envelope size makes them perfect for sending both a thick stack of documents as well as a single-page letter. Measuring 4.75x 11 inches and offering a space of 4.5 x 10.75 inches, these #12 white envelopes are also used to file documents.

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