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12 x 15.5 - 14 Tyvek Open End Catalog Kwik-Tak Blank Envelopes

SKU 1215
Color White
Size 12x15 1/2
Sealing Type Self Seal
Booklet Type Open End
Height 15 1/2
width 12

The ultimate in durability and strength, Tyvek catalog envelopes are the ideal choice for sending mails to long-distance domestic and international destinations. Instead of using paper, these envelopes are crafted out of Olefin. This material grants these envelopes incredible strength and water resistant properties. This 12 x 15.5 - 14 Tyvek open end catalog envelopes have a bright white color. Offering a convenient sealing mechanism, these envelopes come with branded Kwik-Tak seal. The Kwik-Tak is a type of pressure-sensitive sealing system that requires no moisture. This envelope has no windows and a sturdy mid-seam construction. These envelopes have a formal look and a smooth finish.

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