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#14 Window White Wove Endoc Blank Envelopes


When searching for large office envelopes with windows, #14 window white wove envelope is the smart choice. These envelopes are much larger than standard #10 envelopes and they thus offer space for a thicker stack of documents. The #14 envelope size makes these envelopes for sending comprehensive, multi-paged reports, statements, and invoices. These also come with a standard-sized transparent window that saves the trouble of printing the recipient’s address on the envelopes. Made from 24lb white stock paper, the envelopes are highly economical and sturdy enough for everyday office use. The envelope flaps are pre-gummed with moisture-sensitive glue that delivers a reliable seal.

These #14 white wove envelopes measure 5 x 11.5 inches and they have enough space for a flat insert measuring 4.75 x 11.25 inches. These envelopes have a simple style that’s easily recognizable. To give their envelopes a more professional look, companies can have their black and white company logos pre-printed on them for free, when selecting printed envelopes.

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