6 x 9 Brown open end clasp Endoc Blank Envelopes

Color Brown Kraft
Printed/Blank Blank
Size 6 x 9
Sealing Type Clasp & Moistenable Glue
Booklet Type Open End
Paper Weight 24lb
SKU 6941
Height 6
width 9

6 X 9 Brown open end clasp envelopes are perfect for sending important items such as wedding invitations, sensitive documents, and others. These envelopes come with metal clasps as well as gummed sealing. The combination of metal clasps and gummed sealing deliver an uncompromised seal. 6 X 9 Brown open end clasp envelopes are made using 28 lbs brown Kraft paper. This high-fiber paper is much stronger and more resilient than regular 24 lbs stock paper. The reinforced durability of these envelopes makes them ideal for sending heavy and thick stacks of documents, photographs, and crucial reports. These blank envelopes have a simple style and the metal clasps add a sense of gravitas.

Postal rates made me get these... Quality and price made me even more happy!
Nachman from NY  • 11/8/2019 11:52 AM

Well, wouldn't you know, the boatload of similarly sized envelopes I have were a shade too big and USPS declared them to be a "large envelope" and thus bumped up the rates. So, I found these. They fit within the rate structure of a "letter" so I save on postage. Assuming you don't go over 1 ounce, these can be mailed using an ordinary 1st class postage stamp which is 48-cents (on a meter) and 49-cents for a stamp (I think that's right). Anyway, these are less expensive to mail than what I had before. I looked it up. The "letter" size is no more than 6-1/8" tall and 11-1/2" long. The other envelopes I had were 6-1/4" so I got nailed for the "large envelope" price. Yes, kind of a rip-off for 1/8". Oh, well.

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Absolutely Great Product!
Tammy from NY  • 8/27/2020 1:41 PM

We use and abuse these envelopes weekly in my office! Being able to order them from Business Envelopes makes office shopping quite accessible. I would order these again and would recommend them for everyone!!

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Excellent purchase!
Lara Alerston from NY  • 9/24/2020 1:10 PM

This was an excellent shopping experience! I wish all my purchases can be made online with as little hassle as this...Superior service and quality A++++

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