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Storing and sorting small items can be a hassle. That's where our #7 coin envelopes come in. They are specially made to keep your small items safe and organized, like coins, seeds, or even important receipts. They are designed from durable, high-quality paper that can handle daily use. We offer these envelopes with a peel-and-seal closure - so your items are organized and secured inside. These envelopes are practical and kind to the environment as they are made from recyclable materials.

All Colors
  • Brown Kraft
  • White
All Sizes
  • #7 Coin
All Sealing Types
  • Self Seal
  • Moistenable Glue
  • Peel & Seal

Key Features:

  • Multiple Uses: These #7 coin envelopes are perfect for storing many different small items. You can use them for coins, seeds, small pieces of jewelry, receipts, and other small items that you need to keep organized.

  • Strong and Sturdy: Made from good quality paper, these envelopes are strong enough to keep your items safe. You can use them every day and they will still last a long time.

  • Peel and Seal Closure: These envelopes come with a peel and seal closure. This means you can be sure your items are secure inside the envelope. It's easy to use - just peel off the strip and press down to seal the envelope.

  • Write on Them: These envelopes are blank so you can write on them. This is great for keeping your items sorted. You can write what's inside or any other information you need to remember.

  • Good for the Environment: These envelopes are made from recyclable paper. This is good for the environment as it helps reduce waste. When you're done with the envelope, you can put it in the recycling.


Q: Can I store any small items in a #7 coin envelope? A: Yes, you can use these #7 coin envelopes for storing any small items like coins, seeds, small pieces of jewelry, or important receipts.

Q: Are #7 coin envelopes secure? A: Yes, they are. The envelopes have a peel and seal closure that keeps your items safe inside. Just peel off the strip and press down to seal the envelope.

Q: Can I write on the #7 coin envelopes? A: Yes, you can write on these envelopes. They are blank so you can write what's inside or any other information you need to remember.

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  • star 5

    Great price, quick delivery and accurately described. Thank you for following up after the purchase to make sure I was pleased.

  • star 4

    Used for business.

  • star 5

    These envelopes work great for payments of any kind. Its thick enough to hold coins.

  • star 5

    I uploaded a file that I wanted to be printed on the full envelope. I received a PDF proof to review within 2 hours of placing the order. ( I checked this option online) I was very satisfied with the ordering process and final results.