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#9 Envelopes

Step into our comprehensive selection of #9 envelopes, your all-in-one resource for efficient, hassle-free mailing. Whether you're dispatching invoices, sending out business letters, or handling return mail, our #9 envelopes are crafted to accommodate a variety of standard document formats. In addition, the typical #9 envelope size (3 7/8" x 8 7/8") makes it a practical choice for numerous businesses.

Our diverse range is sure to cater to your specific needs. For example, if you're looking for added security and privacy, our tinted envelopes, with their shaded interior, will ensure the contents remain confidential and out of view. For those prioritizing convenience, our peel-and-seal envelopes facilitate easy, mess-free sealing. Just peel off the strip to expose the adhesive, fold the flap down, and your envelope is securely sealed, eliminating the need for additional adhesives. Plus, our window envelopes offer a time-saving feature with a transparent section that displays the recipient's address from the document within, eliminating the need for separate address labels.

We take pride in offering customizable solutions, including custom envelope printing, allowing you to add unique branding or messaging to your envelopes. With such a versatile selection at your disposal, we're confident we can meet all your mailing needs.

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Why Use #9 Envelopes?

Here's why the #9 envelope is a practical addition to any office:

  1. Ideal Size: The size of a #9 envelope is perfect for most standard documents, allowing you to insert your documents without the need for folding or cutting.

  2. Versatile: The 9 envelope size is suitable for a variety of documents, from business letters to invoices to return mail.

  3. Professional Appearance: Our #9 envelopes offer a neat, clean appearance, enhancing the professionalism of your mail.

  4. Easy to Use: Our #9 envelopes simplify the mailing process, especially the peel-and-seal and window envelopes.

  5. Customizable: Our custom printing service lets you personalize your envelopes to align with your brand identity, making your correspondence stand out.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: What size is a #9 envelope?

A: A standard #9 envelope size is 3 7/8" x 8 7/8".

Q2: What can I fit in a #9 envelope?

A: A #9 envelope can fit a standard letter-size paper (8.5" x 11") folded into thirds. It's perfect for return mail, invoices, and letters.

Q3: Do I need to use a separate label with window #9 envelopes?

A: No. The window on these envelopes reveals the recipient's address from the inside document, so you don't need separate address labels.

Q4: How does the peel and seal feature work in #9 envelopes?

A: The peel and seal #9 envelopes come with an adhesive strip covered by a paper strip. When you're ready to seal the envelope, peel off the paper strip and press down the envelope flap. It ensures a secure seal without the need for moisture.

Q5: Can I customize my #9 envelopes?

A: Yes, we offer custom printing on our #9 envelopes. You can add logos, return addresses, or other designs to your envelopes to align with your brand.

Discover the practicality, variety, and customization options of our #9 envelopes today. With an array of styles, features, and personalization choices, you will find the perfect envelope for all your mailing.

Customer Reviews for products in #9 Envelopes

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  • star 5

    Fits well inside standard (size 10) envelopes and still able to place 8.5 inch wide folded paper in its interior.

  • star 5

    Ordered these for work and we're happy. Perfect size

  • star 5

    I use these #9 envelopes as return envelopes, which I insert into the #10s. Thanks to their security tint, I can rest assured that the information inside will not be publicly exposed.

  • star 5

    super quality!

  • star 5

    Thank you for fast turnaround time and Quality envelopes.

  • star 5

    Great customer service!! Super Quality. Thank you

  • star 5

    This is exactly what I was looking for. Now I can send all my documents in a secure envelope. Printing was great!

  • star 5

    Order arrived very fast! The quality is great!! Thank You

  • star 5

    My envelopes arrived perfect as always. Im using them already for afew years. Thank you again!

  • star 5

    The envelopes arrived perfect! Thank You!

  • star 5

    These envelopes are super!! My boss was very happy with the quality of the printing. I would give them a 10/5 !! Order arrived very fast.

  • star 5

    Love the vibrant colours they come in and the paper is strong, but the price is always so hot .. wish they were cheaper, would order way more :(....

  • star 5

    I wanted some bright colored envelopes for sending mail to my granddaughter. I was afraid that these wouldn't be as bold as pictured, and I was so glad to be wrong. These enveloped are both great quality AND brightly colored, as pictured. They will surely stand out from the other mail in the mailbox! I would happily order this product again.

  • star 5

    I wanted some bright colored envelopes for sending mail. I was afraid that these wouldn't be as bold as pictured, and I was so glad to be wrong. These enveloped are both great quality AND brightly colored, as pictured. They will surely stand out from the other mail in the mailbox! I would happily order this product again from business envelopes.

  • star 5

    The envelopes arrived promptly as promised. They were of high quality and perfect for the appointed task. I will reorder when my supply runs out since I was unable to find anything similar from a local vendor.

  • star 5


  • star 5

    These envelopes are great for every day use.

  • star 5

    I was very excited when my order arrived a few days after ordering. The printing was nicer than expected. Thank you!

  • star 5

    I'm very happy with the service I received. The printing came out stunning! I will for sure come back next time to businessenvelopes.

  • star 5

    Great company that provides great service and super quality!! Would recommend everyone to give them a try!!

  • star 5

    I always go for the blue wove envelopes since they coordinate with our stationary beautifully. Its definitely a must have for us!!

  • star 5

    Having a stack of custom printed envelopes within hands reach is surely convenient! Definitely recommended.

  • star 5

    I received the order, and i am very satisfied with service.

  • star 4

    I chose the security tinted envelopes because I wanted to make sure that nothing is visible on the outside as well as the self seal feature for quick envelope sealing . They are Good quality envelopes with my address printing in the center.