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#9 Roptex (Brown Kraft) Endoc Blank Envelopes


When sending important documents and heavier items by mail, there is a requirement for a heavy-duty envelope. Roptex envelopes are made from high-fiber Kraft paper which is much more durable than regular 24lb stock paper. #9 Roptex brown Kraft envelopes are perfect for sending important documents and items that are too valuable for regular white paper envelopes. These envelopes have no windows and a blank classic style. Much like a regular #9 white paper envelope, these envelopes measure 3.875 X 8.875 inches and have an enclosure space of 3.75 X 8.675 inches. Made from brown Kraft paper, these envelopes have a typical brown-bag color and a smooth finish. These also fit into the larger sized envelopes to be used as business return envelopes.

The enhanced durability of these envelopes makes these perfectly suited for sending international and long distance mails. Businesses can use these envelopes to send overseas statements, bills, invoices, and other important documents. These #9 Roptex brown Kraft envelopes come with a re-moistening seal. Apart from #9 envelopes, Roptex envelopes are available are in a range different envelope sizes and styles.

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