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9X12 - 14 Tyvek Open End Catalog Kwik-Tak Blank Envelopes

SKU 9125
Color White
Size 9x12
Height 9
width 12

When there is a need to send unfolded sheets A4 sheets over the mail, the 9 X 12 office envelope is perfectly suited for the job. These large envelopes are often used to send product catalogs, agreements, offer letters, medical reports, and tax paper. When durability is of paramount importance there is no looking past Tyvek catalog envelopes. These envelopes are made from high-strength Olefin, which makes them moisture and tear resistant. These 9 X 12 - 14 Tyvek Open End Catalog envelopes also come with the Kwik-Tak sealing system. This makes sealing the envelopes as easy as peeling the protective tape, closing the flap, applying pressure.

These highly durable envelopes have a 12 inch height and 9 inch length and they have an enclosure space of 8.75 x 11.5 inches. Thanks to their enhanced durability, these envelopes are often used to send international and long-distance domestic mails. These envelopes have a bright white color and a blank windowless design.

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