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9X12 Brown open end clasp Printed Envelopes

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SKU 9114-P
Color Brown Kraft
Size 9x12
Sealing Type Clasp & Moistenable Glue
Booklet Type Open End
Paper Weight 24lb
Height 9
width 12

The 9 X 12 office envelope is often recommended for sending documents and paper materials that cannot be folded. When sending very important documents or materials that need to be packed in a premium-looking envelope, a regular white 9 X 12 envelope just doesn’t hit the mark. The 9 X 12 brown open end clasp envelopes offer an easy solution. These envelopes are made from high-fiber, textured brown Kraft paper that not only looks strong, but is actually stronger than regular 24lb stock paper. These envelopes also come fitted with a metal clasp. These metal clasps not only deliver a secure seal, but they make the envelopes look more sophisticated and thus add value to the contents they carry.

Apart from the metal clasp, the flaps of these envelopes also come with moisture-activated gum. These envelopes are perfect for sending agreements, certificates, and other important documents. The envelopes are also highly recommended for filing important documents. Much like any other 9 X 12 envelope, these can easily accommodate unfolded sheets of A4 documents.

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