9 x 12 White Booklet peel & seal 28lb Endoc Blank Envelopes

Color White
Printed/Blank Blank
Size 9 x 12
Sealing Type Self Seal
Booklet Type Standard Booklet
Paper Weight 28lb
SKU 9102
Height 9
width 12

The 9 X 12 envelope is an essential office supply for businesses that need to send documents that cannot be folded to their customers and clients. These large-sized envelopes are perfect for sending contracts, catalogs, magazines, and large brochures. The 9 X 12 inch dimension of these envelopes makes them perfectly suited for carrying unfolded A4 documents. This particular 9 X 12 white booklet envelope comes with a special peel & seal closure system. Users simply need to peel adhesive tape, shut the flap, and apply pressure to seal these envelopes. These envelopes are also made from high-quality 28 lb white sulphite paper.

The envelopes have a 9 X 12 inch frame and have an enclosure space of 8.75 x 11.5 inches. Much more resilient than 24 lbs stock paper, the envelopes can be used to send heavier stacks of documents and items. Available in pure white color, these are perfectly suited for business use.

Nice weight white envelopes.
MGBguy  • 12/18/2019 3:37 PM

Nice white 28lb. paper envelopes with the flap opening on the long side and seamed at the end/edges. I bought these envelopes for the purpose of storing documents, brochures, 8 x 10 photos, etc... mainly in hanging files. I like them better than plain manila folders (open or closed end). They offer ample room for several pages and would work well as mailers (documents/photos/etc...). You also avoid any issues with the USPS by using envelopes without metal clasps. I can't speak to the quality of the glue used on the flap. I would probably used tape as insurance. These envelopes were just what I wanted and at a fair price.

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