9 x 12 White open end Endoc Blank Envelopes

Color White
Printed/Blank Blank
Size 9 x 12
Sealing Type Moistenable Glue
Booklet Type Open End
Paper Weight 24lb
SKU 9113
Height 9
width 12

Most office supply managers understand the importance of buying large-sized envelopes. These essential mailing supplies allow companies to send important documents that cannot be creased or folded. The 9 X 12 catalog open end envelope can easily fit product catalogs, agreements, large photographs, manuals, and tax reports. This envelope has an open-end design, which means the flap is located on one of the shorter sides. This particular 9 X 12 white open end envelope is highly affordable and thus recommended for everyday use. These are made from 24lb white sulphite paper. The envelopes come with flaps lined with moisture-sensitive gum for quick sealing.

The 9 X 12 white catalog open end envelope is one of the most economical envelopes available at this size. These are ideal for sending mass marketing mailers. These envelopes can accommodate a maximum insert size of 8.75 X 11.5 inches. The blank envelopes have a smooth finish and a windowless design.

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R. L. P. from NY  • 9/11/2020 12:06 PM

These are perfect for soo... many uses! Cant even start listing them, I use these constantly.

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