Best Place To Get Business Envelopes

Guest Post: A few weeks ago I needed business envelopes. I was not sure where to get them so I went online and searched through a few sites. I came across This site was great for me. I did not have to meet with a salesman. I did not have to get in my car and drive to a big box chain store and I did not have to wait in line. This site was extremely easy and efficient in finding what I needed and getting my envelopes ordered. I was able to easily upload my logo and return address, pick out the envelopes that I wanted, place my order and be back to business as usual within minutes. From the research that I did their prices were excellent too. I was very impressed with this website. I was impressed enough to take a few moments out of my busy day to write something about them.

After I had placed my order I had decided that I wanted to double my order. Through their customer service I was able to easily change my order within a matter of minutes and I got an even better deal! I remember when I first started out I had called a salesman that sold business stationary and envelopes. I had to make an appointment with the guy and I think my meeting with him took about forty five minutes. That is just unnecessary time spent on ordering business envelopes. I am so thankful for a site like this where I can hop online, pick out what I want, place my order and be done with the entire transaction within minutes.

The business envelopes arrived at my door a lot faster than I had expected and a lot faster than when I purchased envelopes through a salesman. I remember waiting a few days with the salesman and then finally getting a proof. After I had signed off on my proof it was another week before I received my envelopes. I was already sending out mail and went almost two weeks sending out blank generic envelopes. Having an business envelope with your logo and return address makes a better first impression. The envelopes from were at my door front in no time and the quality was fabulous! The card stock was thicker than I had anticipated given the price that I paid and the print quality was top notch. I will never look anywhere else for my business envelope needs. It beats taking the time to meet with a salesman and having to wait days for the proof and even more time for the actual product that I ordered. Thank you for the great service and great product!