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February 4, 2015

A Closer Look at the Numerous Benefits of Tailored Business Envelopes

Many business owners tend to overlook the importance of having tailored and professionally designed business envelopes these days, when the truth is that a well-made envelope can benefit a business on many different levels. Not only does the envelope reflect the profile on the business and emphasizes on its branding and creativity, but it also allows the business owner to promote a product or a service in a professional, efficient and cost-effective manner. Having said that, here is a brief overview of some of the most notable benefits of having customized business envelopes:

Business Envelopes Are Great for Branding Purposes

Brand awareness is vital in this highly competitive industry, and personalized or specialized envelopes with custom design and printing can certainly add a touch of creativity, originality and livelihood to a business. Just because envelopes are an essential part of various missives, such as correspondence, this does not mean that you cannot take their functionality a mile further. One of the most important aspects for every business these days is visibility, and it truly comes in handy for all those who try to expand their company and to take it a mile further. This is where the envelope steps in and serves as visual stimulus for your prospects!

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Business Envelopes Can Influence the Perception of Your Customers

Your customers and prospects are considerably more attentive to details than you might think, and a well-designed business envelope that is carefully crafted and that stands out from the rest can truly impact the way your customers perceive your business.

A Wealth of Customization Options

Business envelopes can be personalized, tailored and customized in tens of different ways. With one windows or two, blank or with your business’ specific color code, logo and motto embedded – the possibilities are endless! Two-window business envelopes are particularly sought-after these days, as recipients find it a lot easier to identify your business, and the contact information is also displayed in a more accessible place.

Promote Your Business in an Efficient Fashion

Last, but not least, carefully crafted business envelopes are also known for their promotional capabilities. For instance, if you start by printing an offer or a discount on the envelope, the recipient will certainly be more interested to look inside the envelope and find the coupon or the discount code, than he would be if you presented him with a dull, blank piece of paper that does not benefit or stimulate the reader in any way.


December 22, 2014

4 Simple Tips To Turn Your Business Envelopes Into Highly Efficient Marketing Tools

The business environment is highly competitive, and every business owner is trying to be one step ahead of his competitor. Having said that, marketing and advertising campaigns certainly help business owners increase their brand awareness, diversify their target market, increase their sales and boost their revenue. Both online and off-line marketing are equally important for promoting a business in a professional and efficient manner, and business envelopes can truly come in handy for that.

Having said that, there are several different types of business envelopes on the market, ranging all the way from catalog envelopes and interoffice envelopes to clasp and window envelopes. Here are several useful tips and hints that will help you take the design of your business envelopes to the next level and make the best of them for your marketing efforts:

1. Choose The Right Material

One never gets a second chance to make a good first impression, and this applies to envelopes as well: some of them are simply better and more professionally looking than others, and this makes them more appealing to the recipient. Regardless of design, the quality of the paper stock should be irreproachable – the business letters, cards or leaflets should be printed on a thick stock.

2. The Company’s Color Code Must Be Present On The Envelope

Every major company or corporation has a specific color code that helps it enter the public conscience, so that whenever a customer sees that particular combination of colors, he or she firstly thinks of your business. Having said that, most envelopes are available in a white or a light brown tone, but this does not have to be a general rule – you can print your own colored business envelopes, logo and motto in the upper left or right side of the envelope, as this will certainly increase brand awareness.

3. A Creative Design Will Take You A Very Long Way

The design can make or break the entire business envelope: it can determine the recipient to open and read it carefully, or to throw it directly in the trash. Having said that, a creative graphical design can make every business envelope stand out from the crowd. Nonetheless, given the fact that this is a formal envelope, it is important to remember the fact that less truly is the new more, and that adding too graphical elements can actually have the opposite effect on the message you are trying to say.

An interesting tag-line or an exquisite logo should be enough to keep the recipient engaged and to make sure that the envelope doubles as an efficient yet silent promotional tool at the same time.

4. Do Not Ignore The Texture

Last, but not least, if there is one thing that is more important than the quality of the paper, that is the texture of the envelope – visually appealing textures are far better than plain, dull ones!

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