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Building Your Business Brand With Printed Envelopes

When you think of a well-known company, what is the first thing that comes to mind? When a person thinks of Pepsi or Coca-Cola generally the logo is the first image to pop into their mind.

Brand recognition is very important. Signs, flyers, advertising and displays all have the logo of the company trying to promote itself. Your business may just be starting out, and signage isn’t a big concern you have at the moment, but brand recognition should be on your mind. If you were to send a mailing to thousands of people in your area, how would you let them know who you were?

The first step to brand recognition is printed envelopes with your business logo and contact information printed in the upper left corner. When the people in the target area look at their mail, the first thing they look for is some way to recognize whom the letters are from. If they see it is from your business, and are interested in what you have to offer- they will know the logo to look for and with the address, where to find it.

Printed envelopes are not only a helpful business tool for brand recognition, they happen to look more professional. Addresses and names of potential customers should be on printed labels, or printed onto the envelope directly- no handwritten names and addresses, as penmanship can look sloppy. The printed envelope should look just as neat and clean as you want your business’ reputation to appear.

According to the American Marketing Association, a brand is described as something that causes a person to immediately recognize a company or their product. This could be a combination of colors on a logo, a slogan, a name or title, a specific design, or any other image or phrase that a customer would relate to a product.

Brand is necessary to put your business ahead of the curve, ahead of other competition. Let’s say you were to receive two letters from two companies selling a similar product. The first envelope arrived neatly printed with a logo, address, telephone number, website and mailing label. The other was roughly written down with no way to see whom the letter was from, Which of the two letters would you be more likely to open? Which of the two would you be more likely to toss out with the junk mail?

More than likely, you chose to open the neatly printed, professional business printed envelope; and when you next drive through town you will immediately recognize the business when you pass it. This is due to brand recognition and the lasting mark left by a good first impression.

Printed envelopes will boost how seriously customers take your business, and their trust level in a consistent brand will rise. Sending out professional looking printed envelopes for your business will leave you feeling good about the mailings you send out to both new and existing customer bases.