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Custom Business Envelopes To Improve Corporate Communications

Business envelopes are designed to assist you with securely and confidentially conducting business via standard post mail. But the use of envelopes in your business can also facilitate better and more consistent branding, and even help to promote your business as snail mail communications change hands while being routed through the post office.

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There are many different types of custom business envelopes that you can use. While the most common envelopes used in business communications are still plain white, you can also choose envelopes that are color coordinated to match your brand. The use of color, style, and even size can also help to differentiate your company's brand, announcing before the envelope is even opened that the communication comes from your desk.

An important part of choosing the right business envelopes for your needs is to consider how and how often the majority of your business communications will be conveyed. If you use an in house postage machine for mass mailings, for instance, you will want to be sure the envelopes you choose are the right type for the envelope feed in your postage machine.

If you regularly send confidential materials in your company's business envelopes, you will also want to consider whether purchasing security tinted and self seal envelopes is the right choice for you. Both types of envelopes can give you enhanced security for your snail mail communications.

If your company does a lot of direct mail advertising and marketing, you may find your results improve if you include business reply envelopes inside your letters as well. The easier it is for new prospective customers to respond to your promotions, the more responses you are likely to receive

For accounting and finance functions, business envelopes with single or double transparent windows can reduce the amount of labor hours it takes to prepare and send employee pay checks, benefits information, and other required financial information. You will want to take care to try out samples of the proposed envelopes first to make sure they mesh up with how your checks and mass mailings are formatted.

As you are selecting business envelopes for official company communications, each little step in the process is important to ensure you select the envelopes that are the best representation and that maximized  your company’s image. In this process, consider elements such as the weight and grain of the envelope paper, the color of the envelope, the seal, the envelope size, and also the durability of the paper as it makes it way through the postal system.

Finally, if you plan to custom print your logo on your business envelopes, be sure to do a test print to ensure that the type and grain of paper displays your logo to best advantage.

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