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Printed Business Envelopes

Printed Business Envelopes Give A Professional Look

Have you ever received important documents that were not sent in business envelopes? Did you receive a negative impression of the sender?

Printed Business Envelopes

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Business Envelopes with Return Address

Business Envelopes
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Business Envelopes with a Window

Printed Business Envelopes
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Business envelopes are an excellent way to send letters and small reports to your clients. They protect the documents held within them and often contain a tint on the inner portion for confidentiality. When sending correspondence to a client, it is important to send with it the feeling of attention to detail. For, within the envelope contains important materials. The package itself should be professional and neat, thus giving your client the right impression about you.

Self-Stick Envelopes
Some business envelopes contain a self-sealing agent on the flaps, to speed up the shipment of your document, and avoid the unpleasant taste from having to moisten the flap yourself. There are other types that lack these qualities, so inspection of the description is necessary, if these are a requirement.

Window Envelopes
Windows in business envelopes can be helpful. If the report contains the correct positioning of the mailing address, it can be folded to be shown in the lower window. This saves time for the sender. If the return address is also on the document, return address labels are unnecessary, and the upper window precludes the need for ordering labels or envelopes with a pre-printed return address.

However, if the document does not contain the mailing and return addresses in the correct placement, windows in the business envelopes may be cumbersome. When selecting the type of envelope desired, be sure to think of all the qualities you wish to have in them.

Return Envelopes
One excellent quality of business envelopes is the ability to contain a return envelope large enough to be useful to your client. When a document is needed in return, or if what is sent to your client must be signed and sent back, the return envelope is a sure way to receive it in a timely fashion. They can be pre-printed with your address on the envelope, to save your client time and effort.

Printed Envelopes
To show the most professionalism, Printed business envelopes are often printed with the return address of the company. To make it stand out even more, the logo is also added. This gives the recipient a feeling of security, that he or she is dealing with a company that has been and will be around for quite some time.

Business envelopes are a standard size. Therefore, instead of using labels for your client’s mailing address, the address may be printed directly on the envelope, using your printer. This gives a very professional impression to your client.

Larger Envelopes
For those documents or reports too large for the standard business envelopes, the larger version, booklet, may be desired.

Business Envelopes