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10X13 Brown open end clasp Blank Envelopes


10X15 Clasp Open End Brown 28 lb Blank Envelopes


6X9 Brown open end clasp Blank Envelopes

9 1/2 X 12 1/2

9 1/2 X 12 1/2 Clasp Brown 28lb Blank Envelopes


9X12 Brown open end clasp Blank Envelopes

Thanks to the dual sealing mechanism of clasp envelopes they can be used for both mailing as well as filing important documents. A typical clasp envelope has a traditional moisture-activated sealing system that’s perfect for permanently closing the envelope, which is ideal sending the something via mail. The metal clasp, on the other hand, is for temporary closure. Students and executives can insert documents inside metal clasp envelopes and then close it temporarily and use it as a folder. This makes the clasp envelopes a cheaper alternative to plastic folders and files. There is also a wide range of clasp envelope sizes available in store. Small clasp envelopes are often used to store photos, CDs, and folded documents while large ones are ideal for certificates, legal paper, and other unfoldable documents. Clasp envelopes are also ideal for storing delicate items such as large high-definition photographs and small paintings.

The metal clasp is rust resistant and is durable enough for years of rigorous use. When you order metal clasp envelopes online you get to choose from an extensive range of paper quality and color options. Browse our selection to find the perfect clasp envelope you are looking for.