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When you think of an envelope, you probably think of the standard, plain white envelope that is used every day by millions of peopled. This means that colored envelopes really stand out when they are sent in the mail. Colored envelopes get instant attention, are highly noticeable and reflect positively on you and your business.

Color Window Envelopes #10

Color Window Envelopes #10

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Colored Regular Envelopes #10

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#9 Colored Printed Envelopes

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Colored envelopes have been around for decades, but their use has been limited because of their expense. Generally, you only see colored envelopes used by people for the holiday season or to send a birthday card. Colorful envelopes are more of an affectation or at least they were until recently.

This new popularity with colored envelopes has come about because of the drop in prices it takes to create one. While they are still somewhat more expensive than the standard, plain white envelope, the difference in price is much less today than it was two decades ago thanks to recent advancements. Today, colored envelopes are now pretty cheap and a very popular marketing tool for a number of reasons.

The most important reason colored envelopes have enjoyed an expanded interest is because they literally stand out in the mail. With people getting lots of direct mail advertisements, one white, plain letter literally blends into the next one. This means that if you are either using direct mail to advertise your business or simply want what you are sending to stand out, sending colored envelopes is the answer.

People automatically register a colored envelope, especially if it is in a usual color and set it aside. This means that your envelope will actually earn a greater chance of being opened and read. For advertisers, this can mean a definite increase in business. For businesses in general, a way to insure that your letter gets notices and read and for the individual, a means of having your letter read without being mistaken for junk mail.

Colored Envelopes come in a wide variety of colors and styles which means you can select from lighter shades which make your letter distinguishable, yet proper or from more exotic colors that can really grab someone attention. For those looking at the more extreme variety of colors, itís a perfect way to send information about a contest or simply something fun for the reader. Colored envelopes should reflect their content, which means if you run a business that is into entertainment, particularly getting people to feel better about your business. Then you should consider the more outlandish color schemes available.

For businesses, sending colored envelopes that are well made and lightly toned so they stand out from the crowd can really help insure that your letter is received and noted. Cheap Colored envelopes in light yellow or tan can convey bills or important information that is more likely to be noticed and received. You can actually improve your customer service and get better returns with the right type of colored envelopes.

Cheap colored envelopes are no longer just a novelty. They are a practical way of getting your letter noticed, especially in this day and age of people getting a great deal of mail at one time.

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