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Custom Printed Envelopes

Almost any business in today’s economy could benefit from using printed envelopesThere are many reasons why printed envelopes are more acceptable than handwritten ones.

The first reason to use a printed envelope has to do with professionalism. You want to make sure that your business or operation appears professional in the interest of gaining new clients or customers. A perfect example of this is a law firm. Lawyers usually have a printed letterhead with matching envelopes. This shows potential clients that it is a reputable law firm.

If you are offering a new service to the community such as a landscaping organization or a daycare, you need to be taken seriously. A printed envelope with your unique logo will go a long way in establishing the validity of your business. It may even set your organization apart from the others. This is ultimately what you want as customers may feel that even though your establishment may be unheard of, you are presenting yourself in a professional manner.

An excellent reason to forgo handwritten envelopes may be your handwriting ability. If you have handwriting that reminds people of “chicken scratch” then printed envelopes are the obvious way to go. You do not want your mail to go to the wrong address due to illegible writing. Sloppy handwriting will also make you look way less reputable. Potential clients and customers always have an initial amount of respect for those who present themselves in a neat, organized, and professional manner.

If you are looking for employment you are going to be mailing out many resumes, cover letters, and thank-you notes. Wouldn’t a printed envelope set you apart from the other candidates? Absolutely. That will show any employer that you are respectful, organized, and serious about the position offered.

Less important but still a factor to consider is time and money. If you are spending more time than necessary hand addressing envelopes, think about how that time could be used on something more important. If you are able to calculate exactly how much time per week you are spending on envelopes, you will see how the use of printed envelopes can save you time. You will also save money by not having to buy address labels, instead you can run blank envelopes through a copy machine and have the job done in seconds.

In today’s ultra competitive business world, handwritten envelopes just don’t make sense. In fact, the only time they are considered the norm is in correspondence between good friends. In order to gain a business edge, consider giving professionally custom printed envelopes at least a good test run. You might be quite surprised by the results.