Double Window Envelopes Are A Practical, Professional Way To Mail Invoices And Other Secure Documents

Double window envelopes

Believe it or not, the way your mail looks truly does have an impact on the professional appearance of your business. Choosing the appropriate business envelopes based on appearance and size for each professional mailing you send is the perfect way to ensure your business mail looks completely professional every time. There are many different types of envelopes to choose from, so which is the right fit for your business mail?

Double window envelopes are often the appropriate choice for business mailings. Whether you are sending invoices, checks to vendors, or using them for payroll purposes, double window envelopes are going to get the job done and look great in the process.

Security with double window envelopes

Double window envelopes can be purchased with or without tint for security, but if you are mailing an invoice or check, security may not be a bad idea. Security tinting keeps people from being able to recover sensitive account information from your mail. Security tinted double window envelopes protect the personal information of your business, your clients, and your customers.

Saving money with double window envelopes

Most double window envelopes are compatible with the more common accounting programs for your home or business computer. This saves the money you would have spent on to and from mailing labels, and still gives you a professional looking final product.

Different sizes of double window envelopes

In order to perfectly match your double window envelopes with the sizes of your invoices, you can often choose from different sized products. Whether it is the envelope itself that you need in a special size, or you require a special sized window for logo or address display, there are a large variety of different specifications that Business Envelopes can provide for you. Always remember that the proper sized envelope will ensure that the mailing address of your customer will be read appropriately, and a correctly fitting envelope just generally looks more professional.

Easier mailing lists with double window envelopes

You will find that the process of mailing to large lists of consumers will be a lot easier with customized double window envelopes. Stuffing envelopes easily with custom fit invoices, followed by the simple process of pulling the self-sealing strip off each envelope to prepare them for mailing will save you extensive amounts of time you could be dedicating to the more complex aspects of your business.

Double window envelopes are the smart option for sending professional, efficient, and cost effective mailings from your company or small business. Business Envelopes can serve all of your mailing needs from regular envelopes to padded shipping envelopes, and everything in between; including double window envelopes. Go the sensible route and order from a trusted source, saving time and money you would be burning with long trips to the office supply store. Double window envelopes in all sizes are just a click away.