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Double Window Envelopes Make a Big Difference

Double Window Envelopes 
You’ve probably seen it before, a letter that you had sent out coming back as “return to sender” because the address sticker had either fallen off or it was too indecipherable to read. Such annoyances can be avoided if you use double window envelopes for your business. Double window envelopes have a cellophane window for the sending and returning address that means you can decrease the likelihood of having your letters returned for missing or smeared addresses.

A double window envelope is slightly more expensive than regular plain envelopes but they do carry definite advantages that your business can use to lower cost and increase efficiency. Here are some of the reasons you should consider double window envelopes.

If your business prints bills, contracts or letters to your customers, then consider the additional expense of adding envelopes into that process. Companies that use double window envelopes print the addresses generally on the back of the form or document that can be seen clearly through the double windows. This means that you don’t have to switch in the middle of the printing process to add the envelopes, you only need to print on the back of the paper that you are sending. Now you can increase the speed of delivering your posts to customers or clients by saving time on printing.

A missing or smeared beyond recognition address is one of those issues that can be easily avoided with double window envelopes. Because both the sending and receiving addresses are fully protected and easily seen behind the clear, high quality cellophane windows, you greatly reduce the chances of having these letter sent back because the address sticker falls off or the writing gets smeared.

One of the more common accidents to occur to envelopes is when they get exposed to the elements. While the post office does its best, it is fairly easy for an envelope to be exposed to rain, sleet or snow which can then smear the address on the envelope before it gets delivered. By using double window envelopes, you can decrease having to re-send letters which in turn reduces costs.

Double window envelopes increase your status among your clients and customers. They know the difference between companies that simply sticker, print or handwrite addresses on envelopes and those that use double window envelopes which is a mark of your professional status. Double window envelopes denote in a subtle way how you treat your customers and clients who know that while these letters do cost a bit more than regular, plain envelopes, they convey your desire to insure that you receive the information that is being sent.

All in all, double window envelopes can make a big difference in the bottom line of your business by saving you time, money and effort when sending out information to your clients and customers. Spending just a small amount extra to have double window envelopes can actually save you money over time, so make that change today and try double window envelopes.