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Double Window Envelopes for Business Checks

The classic double window envelope for Business Checks is one of the most underrated, yet effective forms of envelopes you can use for your business. The double window refers to the cellophane used to reveal the contents of the envelope at the sending and return address locations. You will most often see double window envelopes used by all types of businesses to send out Business Checks, Quickbooks Invoices, bills and information to customers and clients.
Window Envelopes for Business Checks

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Double Window Envelopes

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The double window envelope for business checks and forms has not changed a great deal over the decades that it has been in use, but the changes that have occurred are substantial. Double window envelopes are sturdily constructed to hold up for deliveries and often come with self sealing features that makes placing and sealing the contents easier for you and your staff.

The advantages of the double window envelopes start with how they save you time and effort in sending business checks or quickbooks checks and Invoices or just any information to clients and customers compared to old fashioned solid envelopes. Consider the printing required to both create information to send to a particular address, then having to print the envelope so it can reach that address. With double window envelopes, you only have to print the information on the inside so that the sending and receiving address can be seen through the windows.

This allows you to save money as you no longer have to print your envelopes. You only have to print the contents that are inside. Now you can save on printing time and cost while insuring that your envelope gets to its destination.

Another great advantage of double window envelopes is that you reduce the risk of having it returned. Consider those that use stickers or printing on the outside to their envelopes. Inclement weather and frequent handling can have stickers pealing off and printing becoming smudged and unreadable. Using double window envelopes however means that your letter or business checks arrives because all the printing is done on the inside. There is no chance of stickers falling off or of the addresses getting smudged since they are protected by the cellophane.

This means that you actually save some money as well since you donít have to resend mail that fails to arrive because the sending address is no longer there or legible. Double window envelopes can help pay for themselves compared to other types of plain envelopes.

Double window envelopes also create a good, positive impression on customers and clients who receive them in the mail. While double window envelopes are quite common, they are distinguishable from standard, plain envelopes which means that the people that receive them automatically get a positive impression of your business, even if they are not fully aware of why.

Sending double window envelopes means promoting your own business name as well. Making a positive impression is literally marketing your business. You want people to regard what you do in the best light possible and double window envelopes do, in their own way, convey the quality and service that your business provides to the community.

Double Window Envelopes for Business Checks