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#10 Double Window Envelopes


A lot of businesses need to send monthly statements and invoices to their customers and clients. Regular office envelopes do a great job with letters and regular documents. However, specialized double window envelopes are the best mailing solution for sending invoices and statements. These envelopes come with security tint that protects client and customer information. These envelopes also come with two transparent, poly-film windows. These align perfectly with the recipient’s and sender’s address printed on the invoices and statements. They eliminate the need to address individual envelopes and thus save a lot of time and effort. This envelope comes with a traditional moisture-sensitive seal.

These envelopes come in pure white color, which gives them a formal look. Made from 24lb stock white paper, the envelopes are highly economical and they have a smooth wove finish. These envelopes are recommended for any business that needs to send multiple monthly or weekly invoices and statements to their clients and customers.

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