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#10 White Wove Blank Envelopes

#9 White Wove Blank Envelopes

#7 Coin White Blank Envelopes

10X13 White booklet Blank Envelopes

10X13 White open end Blank Envelopes

6 3/4 White Wove Blank Envelopes

6X9 White open end Blank Envelopes

9X12 White Booklet Blank Envelopes

#7 Coin Brown Blank Envelopes

6X9 Brown Booklet Blank Envelopes

6X9 Brown open end Blank Envelopes

9X12 Brown Booklet Blank Envelopes

Much like its name suggests, regular envelopes are basic office envelopes for everyday correspondence. When you order regular envelopes online you typically get a traditional-looking V-flap envelope with moisture activated sealing. Regular envelopes are available in a variety of different sizes, each suited to carry a few pages of documents. There are a variety of different regular envelope sizes and styles. Regular envelopes can be anything from formal white #10 envelopes to brightly colored envelopes for sending informal invitations, the choices truly are endless. Most businesses need a regular supply of #10 or #9 envelopes for sending letterheads, invoices, and a few pages of documents. Regular office envelopes are indispensable when it comes to day to day business operations and thus businesses need to maintain a healthy stock to ensure they don’t run out. Most regular envelopes are made from 24lb or 90gsm standard paper, which is both sturdy and economical. Other paper options such as 28lb Kraft paper is also available for people willing to spend more for extra durability. If you are looking to buy regular envelopes online then you have stumbled upon the right page.