Save Money with Window Envelopes

Window Envelopes
Are you looking to save money on printing costs? Perhaps you want to cut down on the number of letters that get returned because the sending address was either on a sticker that fell off or was smeared too badly to be read? Perhaps you are looking for ways to improve your brand and increase your professional status among your customers and clients?

If so, then you should consider using window envelopes at your business. Window envelopes have a through window that shows the sending address which is printed on the inner paper or document. Using window envelopes can save your business time and money while increasing your advertising to your customer and clients. Here are a few advantages of using window envelopes for your business.

Many businesses send out bills, form letters and information through the mail. Using standard plain envelopes means you have to print the information on the documents inside and then switch them out with the letters that need to be printed on the outside. Using window envelopes means you can double print the documents themselves with the sending address on the back. Instead of having the printing machines reloaded and reset, you instead save time and effort by simply resending the back of the original documents through that put the sending address on them.

While it doesn’t happen that often, a letter with a missing or smeared sending address will get sent back to you. That means the letter has to be opened and read to figure out who was suppose to get this information and then resent. This action alone wastes time, effort and money that could otherwise be spent doing something else that helps your business. Using window envelopes means that the sending address is protected behind a layer of clear cellophane.

The elements that can normally affect stickers, print or writing on the outside of a letter cannot touch the inside, meaning that the sending address remains clearly seen. For every letter that is not sent back, you save money. This certainly makes having window envelopes worth having for your business.

People notice seemingly subtle differences that can add to their impression of your business. For example, they know that window envelopes are slightly more expensive than regular, plain envelopes. But they also know the advantages of them as well. To get a window envelope in the mail means that your company makes a stronger, more positive impression on your client. They know that your business is willing to spend just a bit more to insure that your letter gets there. Such knowledge is subtle and by itself doesn’t mean that they’ll buy more products or services from you, but it does mean that when combined with your other advertising efforts it will make a stronger, more positive impact.

A window envelope can definitely help your business to get the information needed to your clients and customers more quickly and less expensively with fewer instances of having letters returned.