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Whether you run a business or simply write a lot of old fashioned letters, the importance of having printed self seal envelopes goes beyond the mere convenience. Self seal envelopes help protect what you send, boosts your own image as an individual or business that you are sending the envelope to and can actually save you money in the long run.

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Self seal envelopes Printed or not printed were seen not all that long ago as an expensive affectation, a way to save a little time and effort while sending letters, bills or other information through the mail. Today, self seal envelopes are now almost as inexpensive as the old fashioned variety so you can actually have the advantages they bring without the expense.

The first real advantage of self seal envelopes is how they secure the contents of the letter inside. Quite often, people use extra tape to insure that the contents of their letters make it to the destination. For businesses, the application of extra tape is an expense in terms of both the tape and the time needed to seal the envelope yet again.

Pre Printed Self seal envelopes are very secure and can hold most contents without needed any extra tape or seal. However, if you have stuffed your envelope full or added additional materials then you probably want to add extra tape. But if such events are few and far between, then self seal envelopes will help you do the job just find.

Another advantage of ordering blank or printed self seal envelopes is they do not come apart as easily as old fashioned envelopes. Consider what happens if your envelope should lose its contents before it gets delivered. At best, you have to send the contents again which takes time and effort. With self seal envelopes you can rest assured that most deliveries will be made without incident as the documents or other contents inside will reach its destination.

In that manner, self seal envelopes can actually save you money by avoiding having to re-send letters that lost their original documents. Each one that you don’t have to send again is money that you can use for other expenditures.

The image of your business can be enhanced by using self seal envelopes. Most people innately understand the high quality self seal envelopes represent. When they see your letter, they will instantly recognize the quality of the self seal envelope that delivered it. This means you make an additional positive impression that reflects well on you and your company.

The final advantage the self seal envelopes deliver may seem small, but it can actually save you money in the long term. Consider the time it takes to properly prepare and seal and old fashioned envelope compared to a self seal version. While it is correct that it only takes a few seconds, the truth is that over time that few seconds can add up quickly when sending out a great deal of mail. This saves your employee’s time and effort which means they have more time to do other tasks.

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