The Popularity Of Self Seal Envelopes

Most consumers including the public and businesses alike both use envelopes. And there are many different types including self seal envelopes. Those specific types of envelopes are making everything a lot simpler, you no longer have to lick the glue to mail an envelope. Many people were beginning to complain about that, and then the flip and stick self seal envelopes were readily available to the public.

All you have to do is simply peel and stick, very easy. And the public and businesses alike are both using this type of envelopes very frequently now. Many people seem to actually like mailing postings a lot better this way.

Self seal envelopes range in different prices, depending upon where you decide to purchase them from. You will be able to get a box of 1,000 for around $66 dollars. You must always know exactly how many you need, if you order a certain number then you actually need more than you expected, you will encounter some problems.

And you must always decide if you want them printed or not. If you decide to have them printed with your logo or company name on them, it will cost a little extra. A box of 1,000 printed self seal envelopes will cost about $79 dollars. Though the pricing may vary depending upon the store or stationery site you inevitably decide to purchase them from.

They also range greatly in sizes, there are many different types of self seal envelopes readily available on the market. There are the smaller ones for bills and checks, and the larger ones that contain catalogs and other important documents of that nature. The size of the specific envelopes will also influence the pricing as well. The larger ones such as the catalog envelopes will cost a little bit more than their smaller counterparts. But the sizing all depends upon what exactly you will need to make your business run smoothly.

Some self seal envelopes even come in a variety of colors, say if you needed to send out invitations, you could use them for something like that. Colored envelopes are mainly for personal use, when you have something you want to mail to a friend or family member. There are very good to have around the house as well though.

So before you make that order, you must know exactly how many envelopes you will be needing. And you should know how big they should be, should they have windows, and do you want your logo printed on them? There is a lot to think about before making a purchase or sending out an order for a business, even something small as self seal envelopes could lead to major problems arising if they aren't correct.