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10X13 - 14 Tyvek Open End Kwik-Tak Blank Envelopes


10X15 - 14 Tyvek Open End Catalog Kwik-Tak Blank Envelopes

12x15 1/2

12 x 15.5 - 14 Tyvek Open End Catalog Kwik-Tak Blank Envelopes


6X9 - 14 Tyvek Open End Catalog Kwik-Tak Blank Envelopes


9X12 - 14 Tyvek Open End Catalog Kwik-Tak Blank Envelopes

A priority mail Tyvek envelope offers a simple way of sending domestic and international mails, fast. Tyvek envelopes are not made from traditional paper. They are instead manufactured using a highly durable synthetic fiber that makes every Tyvek envelope water resistant and damage proof. Far more durable than an envelope made from 28lb paper, a Tyvek Envelope is made from a proprietary material that’s extremely difficult to rip or puncture yet easy cut using scissors. This means even though the precious documents and items carried by Tyvek envelopes remain safe in the roughest of conditions the recipient would face no trouble accessing them when they get the mail. Apart from its polyethylene frame, these durable priority mail envelopes come with a special self sealing mechanism. The high-strength seal is tamperproof and is designed to be just as durable as the synthetic material used to craft Tyvek envelopes. A Tyvek envelope is also significantly lighter than other envelope types. The lightweight yet durable nature of Tyvek envelopes not only allow you to save on shipping cost but also enable you to pack in more in each envelope.


The green marking on a Tyvek envelope is easily recognized and honored by the USPS when fulfilling overnight shipments. Find a great collection of priority mail Tyvek envelopes at the best rates right here.