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Many businesses and companies all over the world have a lot of things to deal with on a daily basis. Even something so small as envelopes can be a problem. Window Envelopes are seemingly very popular with all types of companies. And there are different types of window envelopes that are readily available for purchasing.

So you must always know exactly which kind to order, as the price will differ some. Though it seems like a trivial task to outsiders, it can be a big decision for businesses.

Some companies prefer to use single window envelopes, which include your name and address within the window and the company name printed on the top of the envelope. Whereas other companies prefer using double window envelopes, where the company name and your name are both in clear windows. It all depends upon what type of business or company it is sending you the mailing.

You will have to look around for the best deal, depending upon how many mailings you will be sending out. Big business have to purchase over 1,000 when ordering any type of envelopes. But smaller companies or for your own personal use can purchase a stack of 500 double window envelopes for around $47 dollars depending upon where they are purchased from.

Before purchasing any type of window envelopes you must always figure out if you want them to arrive printed with your company logo or name, or blank. That will also influence the pricing as well, the printed window envelopes seem to cost a little bit more. You can get a stack of 500 printed window envelopes for around $99 dollars. When purchasing printed ones you must always figure out where you want the print to be located at, either the front of back.

Color can also be an issue as well, window envelopes can come in an array of different colors. Though most companies use plain white window envelopes, if you wanted to order envelopes to send out with invitations to an event you may think about a particular color scheme.

Businesses have a lot of things to think of when operating. Something so small as particular styles of envelopes can become an issue. Whether you want them blank or printed is also another issue that can arise when purchasing envelopes. You want to always be professional especially when mailing any type of document. So most companies just decide to continue, to purchase the plain white envelopes. Though you may receive a few envelopes that have a company logo on them or an envelope of an different color sometimes. The majority of most of the mail you receive on any given day is sealed with a plain white window envelope.