Window Envelopes Are A Proven Sound Business Decision

Window Envelopes

Your business has to rely on the presentation that you create for your company. You want that presentation show professionalism. At the core of what you present to people is your paper correspondence. One very effective and highly used methods of sending those correspondences is in window envelopes.

Window envelopes have always had a very professional look and they grab the attention of those people that get them. In addition to their appearance they are very practical and make a sound business decision for a number of reasons. One of the best reasons is that they can have all the features of a non windowed envelope.

Window envelopes are the popular envelopes we all get, used mostly for business correspondences checks, billing, statements, etc. They come with a piece of see through cellophane over the window. Some people opt to go without the cellophane and that option is readily available.

Because these envelopes often carry personal information, and checks, they often have a security coating printed on the inside. Their main purpose is to allow printed material that is inside the envelope show outside. This allows you to print invoices and address your envelopes at the same time. You can also get double windows that allow you to show the return address through a window as well.

When doing a high number of correspondences such as multiple bill mailings is when businesses usually use window envelopes. The money saved on printing makes this a good long term decision. Window envelopes also make a good marketing decision as well. When ordering, make sure that your whole printing strategy is worked out so that the window envelopes coordinate well with your other printed material. Once your printing strategy is worked out you can order your high volume printing at bulk rates and be confident of having the same presentation every time.

When making this long term decision to buy envelopes, the exact sized envelope with the location of the window where you need it, this is the time to think about colors and customization. Prominent names and logos that are written on the correspondence inside can proudly be displayed on the outside of the envelope as well. Of course they can come in any color you want to match your company colors or the colors of your logo. You can also order the envelopes customized and pre printed to your specifications.

If you would like to get window envelopes and use them right away before you develop your whole billing presentation you can do that by getting blank stock standard window envelopes and work on the location on a letter where you address it. Standard business letter writing will locate the address in the right spot and after a quick demo you can start saving on window envelopes right away.

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