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Security Window Envelopes

Secured Tinted Window Envelopes Increase Mailing Safety and Window envelopes for payroll security

It is important for any employer to be able to keep payroll information safe and secure. Your banking and personal information as well as that belonging to your staff members could be severely misused if it was put into the hands of the wrong person. Window envelopes that are lined for security are an inexpensive way to store or send paychecks to your valuable workers.

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Window envelopes with security lining for payroll only show the recipient’s name and address while sending or storing checks in a standard white envelope will allow the contents to be seen just by holding it up to the light. Your checks show your bank routing number as well as check number and account number, your business name, address and phone number- basically everything a thief needs to swindle you.

Payroll software will allow you to protect all of your accounting information. It will even allow you to print your own checks safely and securely in the privacy of your office. Window envelopes will help you take your security precautions to the next level. They can be purchased to perfectly fit your checks with the name and address of the recipient showing perfectly in the window without disclosing any other information.

If you have taken the precautions against theft (and started trying to save a little money) and you do your own payroll, purchasing inexpensive window envelopes to mail the payroll checks or to dispense them at your office could be the final step in payroll security all while saving you quite a bit of money you would be spending on a pricey payroll service.

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At www.businessenvelopes.com you can purchase blank window envelopes in packages of 500, 1000, 2500, 5000, or 10000 with larger quantities available upon request at prices of between $43.75 and $349.75!

www.businessenvelopes.com also offers you the opportunity to have your logo printed on your window envelopes, so your recipients will know exactly who the envelope was sent from. If you are mailing payroll checks, this will ensure that your employees know to open the envelope immediately, leaving you with a shorter period of time that your checks are “in limbo.”

For printed window envelopes you can design your artwork online with their custom template, or you can upload files of artwork you have created or had created for you.

Window envelopes with security Tint linings provide you with a safe, secure way to send payroll information or any other confidential information from your desk to the intended recipient without any unwanted eyes viewing personal information. No matter what your business, payroll data and other data needs to stay safe, for the sake of yourself, your employees, and your business partnerships.

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