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Business Envelopes

Business Envelopes are important business and advertising tools that often represent the first contact with a potential customer. Every company correspondence mailed should leave a lasting impression of professionalism, which in turn inspires confidence.
There are at least a dozen types of correspondence typically mailed out by companies, including flyers, information, solicitations or sale announcements, news about events or new product launches, catalogs, customer service communications, and billing. Each of these mailings should be considered an opportunity to reach the customer and reinforce the company message and brand. Branding means putting your message on everything associated with your company.

In order to make a memorable impression, your company printed business envelopes should stand out from the pack. There are several ways to accomplish this, including size, color, decoration, finish, and weight. The look and feel of your materials are important elements to any hand-held advertising effort, so be sure to take everything into consideration.

Business envelopes come in several sizes and shapes to accommodate different types of correspondence. Whether you're mailing a booklet or catalog, if you need secured tinted envelopes, colored envelopes, catalog envelopes or standard sized business envelopes, we have what you need. We offer a wide variety of choices, including popular lined security envelope styles. Plain envelopes are the most economical option. If your company is on a tight budget, plain white envelopes may be a good choice, although the labor hours necessary to address each envelope by staff in-house should be taken into consideration.

Printed Envelopes

Choosing printed envelopes is your best choice to inspire consumer confidence and leave a positive, professional impression with the customer. Printed envelopes are easier to find in a stack of ordinary mail and pass on the information you want your customer to have at a glance. Enhance the impression with a company logo or a catchy slogan or message. Other eye-catching printing possibilities include using QR codes that take cell phone users directly to your website for special offers or a targeted information page. Or how about going with a brightly colored, oversized logo that extends all the way to the edge of the envelope for a unique presentation? Most companies opt for a discreet logo next to (or as a part of) the return address, but doing so ignores prime advertising real estate. You've got a good-sized canvas right in the hands of your customer; make the most of it!

Quality, Weight, and Color
After deciding on what type of printed envelopes to use, the most important decisions to make when choosing envelopes to represent your company are quality, weight, and color. When you go through a stack of mail, it's usually one boring white envelope after the other. Think about what stands out: envelopes with a splash of color, a graphic image, a glossy feel, a heavier weight. It just seems wrong to throw them away without discovering what's inside. To achieve that level of intrigue, consider a heavier paper stock, with a glossy aqueous coating and a big, splashy logo, graphic or slogan. Deliver a hand-held billboard right to the hands of your target audience by using every tool in your arsenal to deliver your message and reinforce your brand. In terms of establishing a brand, repetition is the key. The more often you can put your company logo, name, colors, and message in front of customers and potential customers, the better chance you have of building brand recognition and earning repeat business...and with it, a loyal customer base.

Window Envelopes

Window envelopes are great for sending out a variety of communications, but are especially useful for billing purposes. Save time and effort by printing your return address, along with your FREE logo on each envelope, then print the delivery address right on the correspondence to be sent. Window Envelopes works well for different types of official correspondence, like invoices, bills, statements or to pass on any information with your customer name printed on the letter.

Check out our full selection of Window Envelopes online.

Double Window Envelopes

Some companies choose a double window envelope so both the delivery address and the return address can be customized on the fly as communications are printed. Printing is unnecessary on double window envelopes, as everything can be printed on the correspondence itself. The most common use for double window envelopes is billing.

Here at BusinessEnvelopes.com, we carry a large selection of double window envelopes to meet the needs of any business. We have the size, shape, quality, and printing options to accommodate any correspondence and any budget. Our knowledgeable staff will help you make a big company impression with professional quality envelopes, even on a small company budget. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal, and that's why we make ordering the right products a breeze, no matter what kind of envelopes are right for you. Our satisfaction guarantee ensures that every customer walks away satisfied ? and comes back for more.

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