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Double Window Envelopes for checks

SKU 8001
Type Double Window
Color White
Sealing Type Moistenable Glue
Paper Weight 24lb
Height 3 7/8
width 8 7/8

Sending out multiple checks to employees and vendors is made simple with double window envelopes designed for checks. These envelopes are perfectly compatible with Quickbook checks and they come with two transparent poly windows. Users simply need to line up the addresses pre-printed on the checks so that they are visible from outside. This eliminates the tedious and time consuming task of addressing each envelope. This pure white envelope is made from 24lb stock paper, that’s sufficiently durable and extremely cost effective. These envelopes also come with security tint to protect the sensitive information from being viewed from outside.

Regular #9 or #10 office envelopes are perfect for letters and documents. These security tinted, double windowed envelopes are ideal for any business that needs to send multiple checks through the mail. These envelopes come with traditional gummed flaps that deliver a dependable seal.

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