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Discount Double Window Envelopes

Who Could Use Double Window Envelopes

Discount Double window envelopes are not what people normally see and use. They provide additional viewing space of the inside material which for the average person may not want to divulge. However, small business owners, and even major organizations could stand to benefit from using these types of envelopes.

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If you often send out statements and bills to your customers that have a standing account with you, then you will want to provide double window envelopes. It is easy to have your computer software system print out the statements and be able to easily fold them to fit where the address shows for the post office. There is not additional work required.

Because the paperwork is neatly placed inside of the double window envelopes there is no chance of it getting pushed or sliding out of view. Most of the details provide the address of the sender and the recipient on the two separate areas. Should the recipient need to get in contact with you it is printed where they can locate it.

When businesses need to save money they can send material through the mail at a low cost based upon the weight of the material. When double window envelopes are used it is much lighter. This can cut down on the cost of postage stamps and outgoing mail. Mailing in bulk can bring and even cheaper cost overall.

Small business owners are often one of the top users of discount double window envelopes. They have many customers that have credit with them that do not pay right away. If they have different terms with different clients this can be implemented to mail out prior to the expected due date. This can be implemented so that only one or two office staff is needed.

Medical offices are another place that will often need to use double window envelopes. The patients will pay for a co-pay for the doctor visit or medical care received. However, this may not cover all of the fees that are involved. The doctors or staff will wait for insurance carriers to pay for their portion. Any different is then expected to be handed by the patient. The envelopes are often sent out to the patients, as well as the insurance companies.

Businesses often have customers which do not make payments to them right away for purchases made. They often provide terms of credit that allow them to pay off their balances within 30 to 45 or even 90 days. When they need to update the customer of the bills that are due they will send a payment request. This provides a cheaper way to mail out. This is often done inside of double window envelopes. It can be done as an extension of a computer software program.

Double Window Envelopes