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Double Window Envelopes - Why Use Them?
Efficiency is one important element that entrepreneurs need to implement to succeed in business. Marketing and advertising are two departments that typically take a huge chunk of the company budget. If you want to successfully reduce expenditures without creating a negative impact on quality, one easy way to do this is by using window envelopes when sending out mail correspondence and other missives to suppliers, clients, and business partners. Implementing the use of double window envelopes is a small, but significant way of improving efficiency while reducing business cost altogether.

Double Window Envelope

The Advantages of Using Double Window Envelopes


  • Create a professional image for your company


Double window envelopes give that professional appearance that regular, while envelopes fail to deliver. When doing business transactions either with customers or with suppliers, a double window envelope helps in creating a positive, professional image to the company.


Using a double window envelope when sending out invoice or important documents makes it easier for receivers to determine from which company a letter may come from. Adding other features such as customized logo or symbol onto a double window envelop further increases the professional image of the company.



  • Double window envelopes = double the efficiency


Double window envelopes efficiently save time. How? The window feature of this type of packaging item allows for senders to type or write the important details on the letter itself. Instead of spending time and money on printing a different set of labels to be printed onto the envelope, the sender simply place the address details on strategic places in the letter. Efficient is the result of reducing the steps on mail preparation and the reduced printing costs as well.


  • Double window envelopes reinforce safety and security of letters


Specialized double window envelopes are usually coupled with safety features to make them more secure during transit. The paper which is used to create the envelopes is outfitted with watermarks. This element disables third parties from identifying the contents of the envelope. Businesses can now send out the most confidential of information via snail mail without worrying about leakage of information.


  • Highly customizable


Double window envelopes are highly customizable in that customers can choose from different colors and sizes upon ordering. Business clients may also choose envelopes that perfectly match the color, design, and style of the document or stationary that will be placed inside the envelope. The highly customizable nature of double window envelopes further adds to the professional look of all your mail correspondence.


  • Environmentally-friendly envelopes


There are a lot of businesses that have reservations with the use of double window envelopes. As the window is covered or shielded by plastic, environment- conscious entrepreneurs frown down on its application. The good news is that innovations have made it possible for envelope manufacturers to create double window envelopes featuring see through paper windows instead. If you want to use double window envelopes with recycling paper as window, you may also do so. There are companies that manufacture semi-translucent papers which you can then be a great alternative to plastics. Paper that is used for double window envelopes are also cheaper than plastic.