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Colored Business Envelopes

When mailing something out as a business owner, you are going to want to make a good impression on people. From the moment someone receives your envelope, they should be interested in what is inside and what you have to say. Without that interest, you might not attract them to your business or you might not send out the same message that you had hoped to. This can change what you have to say in a way that is far from your original thought, even though this is something small. It is the details that matter, and that goes down to the very envelope you use. In order to be sure that you are giving your business a voice and making sure that people understand what you are trying to get across, you need to invest in colored business envelopes. You have several options available and you can find something suitable to your needs.

The three types of envelopes available are window, colored printed, and regular. They each come in multiple colors and offer exceptional quality, along with the services available. These give you the chance to stand out in the mail box and create a different feeling in the minds of the readers. Since colors do affect the way that a person thinks and feels, these will help you to get something across that you cannot with the average envelope. You can use red for urgency or a light blue for something more calm. Whatever you choose, these are spectacular and unique ways to make your business stand out and intrigue customers, new and old.

Window colored business envelopes offer a large range of colors as well as the benefits of having the little window on the bottom. When you are sending a check or want to make sure that the printed name is visible, this gives what you need. That window allows for visibility into what is inside of the envelope, something that can be incredibly beneficial when you take advantage of it. Since you do have several colors available, you can make sure that everything you need said is known.

You also have your normal, windowless envelopes. These give you your basic envelope in several amazing colors. You can choose the wove options, which are not too bright and energetic and offer a large and wonderful selection, or the starburst options, which are brighter and really pop and have a large selection, as well. No matter which type of color you want, these do give you the chance to have it.

Regardless of the type of colored business envelopes you are after, you have a way to make it truly yours with the art designs printed on each. You can upload your own and make sure that it is unique and personalized so that people know from whom the letter was sent. You will be able to take advantage of the colorful, useful envelopes available in greater ways. You can also have bulk shipments so that you are buying as many as you need at once.

Printed Color Envelopes
Here is a full list of all our Colored Envelopes, all color envelopes are available in blank stock or in 1 color print.

Color Window Envelopes #10

Size 10 Starburst–bright color Window Envelopes
Size 10 wove Window Printed Envelopes

Color Regular Envelopes #10

Size 10 wove Printed Envelopes

Size 10 Starburst–bright color Printed Envelopes

Colored Printed Envelopes Size 9

Using Colored Envelopes Makes Marketing Sense

With fierce competition today among businesses, a company has to make itself distinctive with their marketing materials. Colored envelopes are a great way to achieve that goal. Vision yourself with a stack of mail on your desk. Which one would you grab first to open? The boring white one OR the colored one that stands out in the crowd?

You have options also when you use colored envelopes to call attending to the piece. You can choose imprints of the company return address, a logo, a QRC code, and others. Your ability to make your piece of mail stand out is as creative as you are.

Business size colored enveloped can be used in the traditional sense to hold letters, invoices, flyers, and even tri-folded sheets that measure 8-1/2 x 11. They will fill that envelope nicely and set your business apart from the rest.

You also have the ability to send your invoices and statements using colored window envelopes in the color you choose. It makes perfect sense to use colored envelopes and it is no longer “unprofessional” to use color versus white. Who knows? Your invoice may open faster to your client and get into the accounts payable slot on the top!

If you are trying to convey your company is upbeat, progressive, fun, and taking a big step, a colored mailing accent makes a difference. You have choices in colored enveloped to even match the seasons. You could use several colors in a year following seasons and holidays.

Business employees also enjoy working with colored envelopes as color helps us keep energized. The color palate is immense. Red, pink, orange, brown, green, blue, purple, gold, silver and copper are just a few.

You could design your business stationary to use a color background with colored envelopes to match. It is easy to do a project like this if you choose a printing company with friendly service, professional knowledge, and offers the best prices. Investment in office supply consumables should be made wisely.

Grab your customer’s attention using the colored envelopes that are a great asset for mass mailings, a holder for leaflets, greeting cards, flyers, and direct mail campaigns. Colored envelopes will set off your project.

For home use, people find that using colored envelopes are a good way to provide systems in their home office procedures and even budgeting. You can set up a system using different colors. This is also good for children’s rooms. Teaching organization to children is fun with colors as it grabs their attention spans and helps register the information. Color in our world does so much good in so many areas.

So, decide to move to colored envelopes. Your business will stand out, employees prefer working with color, and you take your projects to a higher level. Self-express using colored envelopes. Add to the color of our world and make it a brighter place with something just as simple as an envelope!

The Value Of Printed Envelopes

You may not think that something as simple as a printed envelope is important, but it is. If you are in business, have a small home business, or even if you are very busy with no business, the ability to pick up a printed envelope when you need one has its rewards.

You will find many options when you order printed envelopes. And remember if you are in business, that your envelope may be the first impression to a new client. You want the envelope to say a lot about your business. The envelope is as important as the content.

Do you want color or white? White is the most popular, but if this is an eye-catching marketing project, a color will pop first by the reader who has a stack of mail in front of them. A #10 business envelope may work for you, but you may want to go to the next size so you don’t have to fold. Small businesses like this as staff is usually short or instead of folding and stuffing, you are just stuffing.

Next, select what you want on the envelope. Most companies or private users will want a return address. You can add a company logo and small mission statement if you have one. You can have these accents placed at the recommended locations by your printer.

Ordering printed envelopes in bulk will save you money. Don’t just order enough for one project but project out for the year if your office supply budget allows you. It will pay off.

You may need something as simple as window envelopes that will be good for accounts payable processes and payroll. Make sure your window on the envelope lines up with your document so the address shows through correctly.

More and more companies are going to adding the QR code. A QR code (Quick Response) is in simple terms a barcode graphic that will link to your website as well as other smart phone functions. You are seeing them more and more on magazines. It is the way to go and a high functioning element used in social media.

It is amazing how one small graphic can take the mission of your company and it will also give a persona that your company is very ‘with it’ in the social media area. Remember, the elements on your printed envelopes will be a first impression for many so you may want to add a little in your printing budget to get off the ground in marketing your business.

For home users, nothing is more convenient that writing a note or letter, paying a bill and grabbing that envelope. Save your time instead of hand writing the return address or affixing on the envelope. Who has time to do that? Steps you save with printed envelopes will give you a few extra minutes in your day you can use to enjoy.

Building Your Business Brand With Printed Envelopes

When you think of a well-known company, what is the first thing that comes to mind? When a person thinks of Pepsi or Coca-Cola generally the logo is the first image to pop into their mind.

Brand recognition is very important. Signs, flyers, advertising and displays all have the logo of the company trying to promote itself. Your business may just be starting out, and signage isn’t a big concern you have at the moment, but brand recognition should be on your mind. If you were to send a mailing to thousands of people in your area, how would you let them know who you were?

The first step to brand recognition is printed envelopes with your business logo and contact information printed in the upper left corner. When the people in the target area look at their mail, the first thing they look for is some way to recognize whom the letters are from. If they see it is from your business, and are interested in what you have to offer- they will know the logo to look for and with the address, where to find it.

Printed envelopes are not only a helpful business tool for brand recognition, they happen to look more professional. Addresses and names of potential customers should be on printed labels, or printed onto the envelope directly- no handwritten names and addresses, as penmanship can look sloppy. The printed envelope should look just as neat and clean as you want your business’ reputation to appear.

According to the American Marketing Association, a brand is described as something that causes a person to immediately recognize a company or their product. This could be a combination of colors on a logo, a slogan, a name or title, a specific design, or any other image or phrase that a customer would relate to a product.

Brand is necessary to put your business ahead of the curve, ahead of other competition. Let’s say you were to receive two letters from two companies selling a similar product. The first envelope arrived neatly printed with a logo, address, telephone number, website and mailing label. The other was roughly written down with no way to see whom the letter was from, Which of the two letters would you be more likely to open? Which of the two would you be more likely to toss out with the junk mail?

More than likely, you chose to open the neatly printed, professional business printed envelope; and when you next drive through town you will immediately recognize the business when you pass it. This is due to brand recognition and the lasting mark left by a good first impression.

Printed envelopes will boost how seriously customers take your business, and their trust level in a consistent brand will rise. Sending out professional looking printed envelopes for your business will leave you feeling good about the mailings you send out to both new and existing customer bases.

Use Printed Envelopes To Give Off The Right Impression

Both business checks and printed envelopes are key essential items that a business must have when they are thinking about running their business properly. If you are just starting out a business, have a small business, or even run a corporation custom business checks are an essential item to running it smoothly. Checks can be used for anything but in the end anything that a company does or sends out usually needs a great envelope to go along with it.

Printed Envelopes along with regular envelopes can be used for everything in a business. If a business wants to have more of a professional look then going with printed envelopes, some which could essentially come with a logo, is the best idea if a business wants to appear more professional. Businesses everywhere are getting printed envelopes and by going through a business will achieve the best look through them.

When a business is purchasing business envelopes they would want to think about their customer first. Not only will they want to make sure that their envelope is professional but they want their customers to feel confident in the business when they get these envelopes. Having ads, spam, or other toxic things on an envelope a business would not be inspiring a big amount of confidence in that company. Having a logo and maybe some great colors to go along with it will help a customer to feel more confidence in that company.

When a business has printed envelopes they are helping to guarantee that a customer would be able to find their mail easier through a stack of mail rather then just having an ordinary and plain envelope. This is also a great aspect when it comes to marketing. A business would want to make sure that the printed envelope would be one that a customer or reader would not forget.

There are many ways that a business can help to amp up the impression they give their customers by customizing their printed envelopes a bit. One way to help give off a better impression is to add a business logo to your envelope. This way a customer would never forget your logo. Another way to leave off a good impression is to add a catchy slogan line. These work great when a business doesn’t want a customer to forget about them.

When going through for their printed envelopes they would not only find a great customization work but they will get the best price available. Not only will a business be guaranteed to get the lowest price but if they find a lower price they will not only match the lower price but discount off ten percent of that price. The end result is more savings for a business.

Printed envelopes are a big deal when it comes to sending out mail for your business. Not only will it draw in your customers eyes but it gives off a great impression as your business sends out its mail. This is a big benefit when creating custom printed envelopes from

Custom Printed Envelopes

Almost any business in today’s economy could benefit from using printed envelopesThere are many reasons why printed envelopes are more acceptable than handwritten ones.

The first reason to use a printed envelope has to do with professionalism. You want to make sure that your business or operation appears professional in the interest of gaining new clients or customers. A perfect example of this is a law firm. Lawyers usually have a printed letterhead with matching envelopes. This shows potential clients that it is a reputable law firm.

If you are offering a new service to the community such as a landscaping organization or a daycare, you need to be taken seriously. A printed envelope with your unique logo will go a long way in establishing the validity of your business. It may even set your organization apart from the others. This is ultimately what you want as customers may feel that even though your establishment may be unheard of, you are presenting yourself in a professional manner.

An excellent reason to forgo handwritten envelopes may be your handwriting ability. If you have handwriting that reminds people of “chicken scratch” then printed envelopes are the obvious way to go. You do not want your mail to go to the wrong address due to illegible writing. Sloppy handwriting will also make you look way less reputable. Potential clients and customers always have an initial amount of respect for those who present themselves in a neat, organized, and professional manner.

If you are looking for employment you are going to be mailing out many resumes, cover letters, and thank-you notes. Wouldn’t a printed envelope set you apart from the other candidates? Absolutely. That will show any employer that you are respectful, organized, and serious about the position offered.

Less important but still a factor to consider is time and money. If you are spending more time than necessary hand addressing envelopes, think about how that time could be used on something more important. If you are able to calculate exactly how much time per week you are spending on envelopes, you will see how the use of printed envelopes can save you time. You will also save money by not having to buy address labels, instead you can run blank envelopes through a copy machine and have the job done in seconds.

In today’s ultra competitive business world, handwritten envelopes just don’t make sense. In fact, the only time they are considered the norm is in correspondence between good friends. In order to gain a business edge, consider giving professionally custom printed envelopes at least a good test run. You might be quite surprised by the results.

Printed Envelopes with Return Address

Printed envelopes with return address looks professional and easily read by the mail carrier in order to deliver your mail to the proper address and person. Our website has a large selection of different types of envelopes which include:
• Coin Brown Envelopes
• Coin White Envelopes
• 9×12 Brown Envelopes
• 9×12 White Envelopes
• 6 ¾ Tinted Envelopes
• 6 ¾ Regular Envelopes
• #9 Printed Envelopes
• #9 Security Tinted Envelopes
• Printed Envelopes with window #9
• Flip and Stick Envelopes
• #10 Security Tinted Envelopes
• #10 Printed Envelopes
• #7 Coin Envelopes
• 9×12 Envelopes
• 6 ¾ Regular Envelopes
• Size 9 Envelopes
• Size 10 Envelopes

We offer competitive prices and several designs of envelopes. The customer can add his or her business logo for free and design the envelope to fit his or her needs.

Printed envelopes with return address makes for a good first impression on business colleagues and friends and family. When you began a business you want to be taken seriously. Not only does a printed self-addressed envelope show that you want to be taken seriously it shows that you take pride in what you do.

Have you ever sent out a letter only to have it returned saying, “No such address?” This could be because you misprinted the address because you were in a hurry to get it into the mail. However, with an envelope that has the address printed on it will be delivered with confidence that it will reach its final destination.

As seen in the list above there are several types of envelopes for you to choose. Depending on what type of business you have depends on what type of envelope you will need. For example, if you have a mail order coin company, you will need a printed coin white or brown envelope to deliver the coin ordered to your customer.
Have you ever received a piece of mail only to find that the address and name is hard to read? With a printed envelope your recipient will no longer have that inconvenience. You not only make the customer happy you will save time from having to handwrite the information on the envelope.

Another convenience of having a printed envelope is that you can order envelopes with windows so you can put the address of the customer in the window or this type of envelope can be fed through a printer to print out the customer’s name and address or if you decide you can put pre-printed labels on the envelope. Whichever best suits your needs.

All of your business needs can be met with a one-stop shop on this website for your convenience. Rather you are sending something confidential or an advertisement our printed envelopes are the ones for you.
With the economy being the way it is today the quicker you get your advertisements or information to the consumer the better your business will be. Our company is here to help your business thrive in this economy. We are looking forward to assisting you with your envelope needs.

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