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    Design and print your own Envelopes

    As the owner of a business, you need a way to stand out and tell the world of your professionalism. With printed envelopesyou can do just that with little effort and great results. This gives you the ability to design and print out your own envelopes that you will send to locals, customers, and anyone else on your mailing list. This makes a good first impression and it helps to keep you at the forefront of the receivers’ minds. You will be able to enjoy the benefits that come with this and the ability to look better from a simple piece of mail. You can design the envelope to look any way that you want and you can send it out as soon as it you receive it.

    When you run a business, you are going to need to send out mail to your customers. This is how they know that you exist and how they receive up to date information about you. No matter who receives it, you want them to have a positive impression of you. With handwritten envelopes and something that looks homemade, you may not be able to do this. You will not come across as a professional and well-respected business if you are not sending out the right products, even down to the envelopes that you use. Using printed envelopes gives you the ability to look better and to make people more interested in your business.
    One of the better benefits of printed envelopes is that you can make them look however you would like.

    You can put a design in or some simple print, whatever matches your business and what you do. This makes it possible for you to have envelopes that are perfectly matched with you and that give off the right impression. You will be able to attract your target audience more easily while ensuring that people will have a more clear idea of what you are and what you do. This can give you the opportunity to grow and to appeal to a larger audience without putting in a lot of extra effort.

    There are several options when it comes to the base envelope. You can choose something that does the necessary job and that can hold your chosen design. Whether you want a small and simple envelope or something bigger, you can find something that does the job. This will make it possible for you to mail out various different things to your customers and other people on your mailing list without sacrificing what you get from printed envelopes.

    Once you have the printed envelopes designed and ready, you can begin using them. They are your envelopes, after all, so this is not going to be a problem. When mailed out, they will look better for your business and they will give off the impression that you had wanted. This will help you to grow and do more as a business. You will be able to continue to do this over time, too, since you can always buy more envelopes and a large number of them.

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    Double Window Envelopes Make a Big Difference

    Double Window Envelopes 
    You’ve probably seen it before, a letter that you had sent out coming back as “return to sender” because the address sticker had either fallen off or it was too indecipherable to read. Such annoyances can be avoided if you use double window envelopes for your business. Double window envelopes have a cellophane window for the sending and returning address that means you can decrease the likelihood of having your letters returned for missing or smeared addresses.

    A double window envelope is slightly more expensive than regular plain envelopes but they do carry definite advantages that your business can use to lower cost and increase efficiency. Here are some of the reasons you should consider double window envelopes.

    If your business prints bills, contracts or letters to your customers, then consider the additional expense of adding envelopes into that process. Companies that use double window envelopes print the addresses generally on the back of the form or document that can be seen clearly through the double windows. This means that you don’t have to switch in the middle of the printing process to add the envelopes, you only need to print on the back of the paper that you are sending. Now you can increase the speed of delivering your posts to customers or clients by saving time on printing.

    A missing or smeared beyond recognition address is one of those issues that can be easily avoided with double window envelopes. Because both the sending and receiving addresses are fully protected and easily seen behind the clear, high quality cellophane windows, you greatly reduce the chances of having these letter sent back because the address sticker falls off or the writing gets smeared.

    One of the more common accidents to occur to envelopes is when they get exposed to the elements. While the post office does its best, it is fairly easy for an envelope to be exposed to rain, sleet or snow which can then smear the address on the envelope before it gets delivered. By using double window envelopes, you can decrease having to re-send letters which in turn reduces costs.

    Double window envelopes increase your status among your clients and customers. They know the difference between companies that simply sticker, print or handwrite addresses on envelopes and those that use double window envelopes which is a mark of your professional status. Double window envelopes denote in a subtle way how you treat your customers and clients who know that while these letters do cost a bit more than regular, plain envelopes, they convey your desire to insure that you receive the information that is being sent.

    All in all, double window envelopes can make a big difference in the bottom line of your business by saving you time, money and effort when sending out information to your clients and customers. Spending just a small amount extra to have double window envelopes can actually save you money over time, so make that change today and try double window envelopes.

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    Double Window Envelopes - Why Use Them?

    Efficiency is one important element that entrepreneurs need to implement to succeed in business. Marketing and advertising are two departments that typically take a huge chunk of the company budget. If you want to successfully reduce expenditures without creating a negative impact on quality, one easy way to do this is by using window envelopes when sending out mail correspondence and other missives to suppliers, clients, and business partners. Implementing the use of double window envelopes is a small, but significant way of improving efficiency while reducing business cost altogether.

    The Advantages of Using Double Window Envelopes


      • Create a professional image for your company


    Double window envelopes give that professional appearance that regular, while envelopes fail to deliver. When doing business transactions either with customers or with suppliers, a double window envelope helps in creating a positive, professional image to the company.


    Using a double window envelope when sending out invoice or important documents makes it easier for receivers to determine from which company a letter may come from. Adding other features such as customized logo or symbol onto a double window envelop further increases the professional image of the company.



      • Double window envelopes = double the efficiency


    Double window envelopes efficiently save time. How? The window feature of this type of packaging item allows for senders to type or write the important details on the letter itself. Instead of spending time and money on printing a different set of labels to be printed onto the envelope, the sender simply place the address details on strategic places in the letter. Efficient is the result of reducing the steps on mail preparation and the reduced printing costs as well.


      • Double window envelopes reinforce safety and security of letters


    Specialized double window envelopes are usually coupled with safety features to make them more secure during transit. The paper which is used to create the envelopes is outfitted with watermarks. This element disables third parties from identifying the contents of the envelope. Businesses can now send out the most confidential of information via snail mail without worrying about leakage of information.


      • Highly customizable


    Double window envelopes are highly customizable in that customers can choose from different colors and sizes upon ordering. Business clients may also choose envelopes that perfectly match the color, design, and style of the document or stationary that will be placed inside the envelope. The highly customizable nature of double window envelopes further adds to the professional look of all your mail correspondence.


      • Environmentally-friendly envelopes


    There are a lot of businesses that have reservations with the use of double window envelopes. As the window is covered or shielded by plastic, environment- conscious entrepreneurs frown down on its application. The good news is that innovations have made it possible for envelope manufacturers to create double window envelopes featuring see through paper windows instead. If you want to use double window envelopes with recycling paper as window, you may also do so. There are companies that manufacture semi-translucent papers which you can then be a great alternative to plastics. Paper that is used for double window envelopes are also cheaper than plastic.

    A Closer Look at the Numerous Benefits of Tailored Business Envelopes

    Many business owners tend to overlook the importance of having tailored and professionally designed business envelopes these days, when the truth is that a well-made envelope can benefit a business on many different levels. Not only does the envelope reflect the profile on the business and emphasizes on its branding and creativity, but it also allows the business owner to promote a product or a service in a professional, efficient and cost-effective manner. Having said that, here is a brief overview of some of the most notable benefits of having customized business envelopes:

    Business Envelopes Are Great for Branding Purposes

    Brand awareness is vital in this highly competitive industry, and personalized or specialized envelopes with custom design and printing can certainly add a touch of creativity, originality and livelihood to a business. Just because envelopes are an essential part of various missives, such as correspondence, this does not mean that you cannot take their functionality a mile further. One of the most important aspects for every business these days is visibility, and it truly comes in handy for all those who try to expand their company and to take it a mile further. This is where the envelope steps in and serves as visual stimulus for your prospects!



    Business Envelopes Can Influence the Perception of Your Customers

    Your customers and prospects are considerably more attentive to details than you might think, and a well-designed business envelope that is carefully crafted and that stands out from the rest can truly impact the way your customers perceive your business.

    A Wealth of Customization Options

    Business envelopes can be personalized, tailored and customized in tens of different ways. With one windows or two, blank or with your business’ specific color code, logo and motto embedded – the possibilities are endless! Two-window business envelopes are particularly sought-after these days, as recipients find it a lot easier to identify your business, and the contact information is also displayed in a more accessible place.

    Promote Your Business in an Efficient Fashion

    Last, but not least, carefully crafted business envelopes are also known for their promotional capabilities. For instance, if you start by printing an offer or a discount on the envelope, the recipient will certainly be more interested to look inside the envelope and find the coupon or the discount code, than he would be if you presented him with a dull, blank piece of paper that does not benefit or stimulate the reader in any way.


    4 Simple Tips To Turn Your Business Envelopes Into Highly Efficient Marketing Tools

    The business environment is highly competitive, and every business owner is trying to be one step ahead of his competitor. Having said that, marketing and advertising campaigns certainly help business owners increase their brand awareness, diversify their target market, increase their sales and boost their revenue. Both online and off-line marketing are equally important for promoting a business in a professional and efficient manner, and business envelopes can truly come in handy for that.

    Having said that, there are several different types of business envelopes on the market, ranging all the way from catalog envelopes and interoffice envelopes to clasp and window envelopes. Here are several useful tips and hints that will help you take the design of your business envelopes to the next level and make the best of them for your marketing efforts:

    1. Choose The Right Material

    One never gets a second chance to make a good first impression, and this applies to envelopes as well: some of them are simply better and more professionally looking than others, and this makes them more appealing to the recipient. Regardless of design, the quality of the paper stock should be irreproachable – the business letters, cards or leaflets should be printed on a thick stock.

    2. The Company’s Color Code Must Be Present On The Envelope

    Every major company or corporation has a specific color code that helps it enter the public conscience, so that whenever a customer sees that particular combination of colors, he or she firstly thinks of your business. Having said that, most envelopes are available in a white or a light brown tone, but this does not have to be a general rule – you can print your own colored business envelopes, logo and motto in the upper left or right side of the envelope, as this will certainly increase brand awareness.

    3. A Creative Design Will Take You A Very Long Way

    The design can make or break the entire business envelope: it can determine the recipient to open and read it carefully, or to throw it directly in the trash. Having said that, a creative graphical design can make every business envelope stand out from the crowd. Nonetheless, given the fact that this is a formal envelope, it is important to remember the fact that less truly is the new more, and that adding too graphical elements can actually have the opposite effect on the message you are trying to say.

    An interesting tag-line or an exquisite logo should be enough to keep the recipient engaged and to make sure that the envelope doubles as an efficient yet silent promotional tool at the same time.

    4. Do Not Ignore The Texture

    Last, but not least, if there is one thing that is more important than the quality of the paper, that is the texture of the envelope – visually appealing textures are far better than plain, dull ones!

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    Double Window Envelopes for QuickBooks Checks and Invoices

    The use of double window envelopes for QuickBooks checks and invoices helps you to use QuickBooks more effectively and see greater results. You will be able to use the checks for QuickBooks as you had hoped, and they will be able to be sent out much more easily. These are specifically for these types of checks, which means that you are not dealing with the general options. This helps you to do more and to avoid problems often found with improper envelopes. Considering how important these checks are and how quickly you will want them sent out, mistakes and problems should not occur. By using the right envelopes, you can have the satisfaction that you are after.

    QuickBooks adds convenience to your life. When you have checks to send out, this helps you to do it more effectively and quickly. As long as you have the information, you can have your checks printed and to their respective recipients in no time. With how easy this is, it is no wonder why so many people are getting involved with this program. Individuals and businesses alike are enjoying what this has to offer, and so are the people receiving the checks and invoices. This helps you to give everyone what they need in a way that is simply more reliable.

    In order to make use of QuickBooks, you are going to need an envelope that works for them. There are specific checks and invoices for QuickBooks, after all, so your ordinary checks and envelopes are not going to work all of the time. Finding these specialized items is going to be neither difficult nor expensive, however. You will be able to find what you need easily and in no time. This makes it possible for people to see the check and for you to make use of QuickBooks in a way that you can actually enjoy.

    A great thing about double window envelopes for QuickBooks invoices is their usability and reliability. These are made specifically for QuickBooks checks and invoices, after all, so you do not have to worry about them working. As soon as your checks are printed, place them in the envelope and mail them out. Since you can buy these in bulk, continuing to make use of them is going to be easy for everyone. You can either buy a small amount for personal use or small businesses, or you can buy more of them for big businesses and continued use over time.

    With double window envelopes for QuickBooks checks, taking advantage of QuickBooks has never been so simple and possible. You will be able to use these envelopes quickly and without an issue arising, made even easier by the fact that they match the QuickBooks layout. If you are using QuickBooks and have the checks for it, you are going to need these envelopes. This helps you to make use of QuickBooks so that it works as intended. Everything is going to be viewable and you will be able to send your checks easily.

    Business Envelopes with Window

    Every company should have business envelopes with windows on their supply shelf. This product comes in handy all of the time. The preference of single or double window envelopes is up to you. They are easy to use and extremely professional.

    Window Printed Envelopes
    There are two types of window printed envelopes. One is the #10 printed window envelope and the other is the #9 printed envelope. Depending on the size you need, they are basically the same, one is just smaller than the other. With these you will need to put your own return address on the envelope before mailing, but the window will show the address on the document inside.

    Window Blank Envelopes
    The #9 blank window envelopes are standard for predominately most of the daily document needs of any business. It is professional looking great for mail outs.

    Business Checks Envelopes
    These handy envelopes are perfect for most companies. There are two windows displayed on the front of these envelopes covering the mail to and mail from mailing addresses that are presented on documents to be mailed. They are moisture activated gummed sealed for your convenience.

    #10 Blue Starburst – Bright Color Window Envelopes
    These envelopes are a favorite for many companies. They bring color to your office. Not all companies go for color, but if you are interested in these you will not regret your purchase. These expressive envelopes offer the window option as well. They are just as handy as the standard white ones; the only difference is these are vibrant and fun!

    You will be able to select your choice of color and leave your recipients an enjoyable appearance of your business saying you are not all work and no play. Who says business envelopes with windows cannot be enjoyable?

    Colors you can choose from are:
    • Red
    • Orange
    • Yellow
    • Green
    • Fuchsia
    • Pink
    • Cherry
    • Tangerine
    • Lime
    • Lemon

    #10 Blue Wove Window Printed Envelopes
    If you like color but are not looking for something as bright as the Blue Starburst, you will love these. These too are just as functional as the standard window envelope; however, these offer a light shade of color to brighten the mood just a tad. The Wove colors offer color with a huge sense of professionalism. You will enjoy these envelopes.

    You can choose from these colors:
    • Canary
    • Ivory
    • Cream
    • Gray
    • Green

    Double Window Envelopes
    You have the ability to send anything you desire with these practical and versatile envelopes. This product is ideal for any document, and is compatible with confidentiality to send paychecks, invoices, etc. The double window allows you to skip labeling or address stamps altogether and get on with your next task.

    The size of the windows on these envelopes ensures that only the mailing address that you wish to show will be revealed and nothing else to warrant full confidentiality. So take some time to order your supply of business envelopes with windows today. Your supply room really is not complete without them. To many business specialists, these are the most professional style of envelopes around.

    Self Seal Envelopes for QuickBooks Checks

    One of the greatest inventions for the business envelope is the ability to self seal. This benefits helps in a few ways for businesses everywhere. Another advantage for businesses who use QuickBooks is there are self seal envelopes for QuickBooks checks as well. There is no licking, no using the wet sponge office tool, no mess for these envelopes.

    Types of Self Seal Envelopes

    There are different types of self seal envelopes, three types to be exact that will comply with the QuickBooks checks standards as well.

    #10 Blank Security Tint Flip & Stick Envelopes
    This envelope is easy to use and perfect for any office. They are tinted for confidential reasons. You will not have to worry about sending any confidential information through the mail any more. The tint provides enough cover so no information can be read through the envelope unlike standard envelopes. You not only can send checks, but you can also send invoices, statements, and anything else that you wish and not worry about confidentiality.

    There is no mess to clean up with these either. All you have to do is flip and stick to seal the envelope. It is as simple as that.

    #10 Blank Tinted Flip & Stick Window Envelopes
    This envelope is a favorite for many businesses. The size 10 with window is definitely a favorite of secretaries too as they do not have to spend extra time creating address labels to where the letter is going. The window will fit the address on the actual letter creating less work and increase productivity.

    This envelope is tinted as well and provides exceptional confidentiality. Flip and seal is the added benefit of this envelope as well. No mess and a boost of productivity. What better way is there to send letters?

    #10 Printed Security Tinted Flip & Stick Envelopes
    These envelopes are not only secure, but time savers. You will save time by having these envelopes customized with your address or logo already printed on them. Logos can be uploaded free of charge so you will not want to miss out on this opportunity.

    This type of envelope is mess free as the others are and easy to use. It is simple. If you can flip the flap up and seal, you will have done your job.

    Private information is safe with this product as well. It is important for businesses to keep secure information secure and this envelope does not take away from that.

    Which Envelope is Best for My Business

    It really will come down to your preference. There are not many differences in these three envelopes. They all are mess free and easy to use. They will all get the job done, but you will have to decide if you want your address and/or logo already printed, if you want to deal with labels, or if you want to have a window envelope. Any of these can be used as self seal envelopes for QuickBooks checks, invoices, or any other type of document you wish to send confidentially.

    Order from several types self seal envelopes

    Self seal envelopes add convenience, ease, and reliability to the workplace and home. These are envelopes that you can trust to work and that do the job extraordinarily well. They are capable, safe, and come in several different options. You have them in basic, double windowed, or whatever else that you would like. This can help you to make the most out of what this feature offers. You will be able to have the envelope that you need and that best suits what you are doing. With how quick and trustworthy this is, you can know that your letter will be safe and that there is very little chance of something happening.

    Ordering self seal envelopes is a great way to make the job much easier. This gives you the opportunity seal letters with far more ease and far less hassle. As long as you can tear the strip off and apply a small amount of pressure once the envelope is about to be sealed, you can take advantage of what this offers. This makes work much easier and it gives you the opportunity to mail out letters much more quickly. You know that this works and any person can do it. It is faster and easier than the traditional method, allowing you to focus more on work without letting this task go undone.

    You also have reliability with this. The adhesive is not going to wear out and it is not going to suddenly stop working. The moment that you remove the strip, you have something usable and sticky. It will adhere to the envelope without hassle and in a small amount of time. With this reliability comes safety. Self seal envelopes keep your letters safe since the envelope is well sealed. From the moment that it closes to the moment that the recipient opens it, that adhesive is not going to give or fail. This gives you peace of mind and the knowledge that your letter is safe for the person receiving it.

    There are several options for envelope type with this feature. You can find many options, from windowed to large, that do the needed job and offer a self seal. These options make it possible for you to take advantage of self seal envelopes in the best way possible. You will be able to mail what you need to mail and have the benefits of the seal at the same time. There is no sacrifice or choice since you can have everything in one.

    With all that is possible, you can use this to give your business a boost. This decreases the amount of time to prepare and send letters and increases the quality of the envelopes. You will be able to bring something in that is effective and reliable, which does add more to your entire business. This gives you the opportunity to improve the way that your business runs and the way that the job is done. With this, profits and growth are not going to be hard to find.

    The right type of envelopes for your company

    As a business owner you want to represent your business in a professional and responsible way. This means not only have a clean and professional place of business and a client friendly environment, you also want to represent your business through any packages, invoices, updates, or letters that you may be sending out which is why having nice professional business envelopes are a great way to represent your company. Not only can having business envelopes help represent your business but it also gives the business a chance to advertise.

    As a company the best way to purchase business envelopes is in bulk especially if you know that you will be using a lot of them. Once you find the perfect design for your company’s needs than it is easy to simply order a large number of that style of envelope for your company to use. It is important to find not only an envelope design that you like but to also find an affordable solution that will be cost effective for your business. This is especially true for smaller business that may not be as established as a larger company. Also when purchasing envelopes in bulk try to find the right amount of envelopes for your business needs as it will save you the hassle of purchasing more or having an excess amount of envelopes.

    When you begin your envelop search there are several things to keep in mind besides just the design of the envelopes. For instance what is the main purpose for the envelopes that you will be using, will they be for invoices, surveys, checks or for larger documents with several pages. If you are sending smaller items like checks and invoices than a smaller size of envelope may be the way to go. When picking the design of the envelope you can choose from envelopes that have your business’ address on it, envelopes that have your business’ address on it as well as a return address. There are also envelopes that have the address printed on them and also have a window for the other address in it, and there are envelopes that have double windows in which the business’ address goes in one window and the other address in the second window.

    Figuring out which envelope styles works best for your business is an important step in finding the perfect envelope for your business needs. Also keep in mind that the envelopes that have windows are very versatile and can be used for a number of needs, and if you buy them in bulk they can be used over a longer period of time. This is especially true if your business moves, or the phone number changes; with the window envelopes there is no need to worry about updating your envelopes as there is nothing printed on them.

    Finding the perfect business envelopes to fit your business’ needs is just as important as other parts of your business. You can also buy them in bulk which will save you money in the long run. The perfect style of envelope can save you both time and money and give your business a nice professional look.