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The Value Of Printed Envelopes

You may not think that something as simple as a printed envelope is important, but it is. If you are in business, have a small home business, or even if you are very busy with no business, the ability to pick up a printed envelope when you need one has its rewards.

You will find many options when you order printed envelopes. And remember if you are in business, that your envelope may be the first impression to a new client. You want the envelope to say a lot about your business. The envelope is as important as the content.

Do you want color or white? White is the most popular, but if this is an eye-catching marketing project, a color will pop first by the reader who has a stack of mail in front of them. A #10 business envelope may work for you, but you may want to go to the next size so you don’t have to fold. Small businesses like this as staff is usually short or instead of folding and stuffing, you are just stuffing.

Next, select what you want on the envelope. Most companies or private users will want a return address. You can add a company logo and small mission statement if you have one. You can have these accents placed at the recommended locations by your printer.

Ordering printed envelopes in bulk will save you money. Don’t just order enough for one project but project out for the year if your office supply budget allows you. It will pay off.

You may need something as simple as window envelopes that will be good for accounts payable processes and payroll. Make sure your window on the envelope lines up with your document so the address shows through correctly.

More and more companies are going to adding the QR code. A QR code (Quick Response) is in simple terms a barcode graphic that will link to your website as well as other smart phone functions. You are seeing them more and more on magazines. It is the way to go and a high functioning element used in social media.

It is amazing how one small graphic can take the mission of your company and it will also give a persona that your company is very ‘with it’ in the social media area. Remember, the elements on your printed envelopes will be a first impression for many so you may want to add a little in your printing budget to get off the ground in marketing your business.

For home users, nothing is more convenient that writing a note or letter, paying a bill and grabbing that envelope. Save your time instead of hand writing the return address or affixing on the envelope. Who has time to do that? Steps you save with printed envelopes will give you a few extra minutes in your day you can use to enjoy.