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Save Money with Window Envelopes
Window Envelopes
Are you looking to save money on printing costs? Perhaps you want to cut down on the number of letters that get returned because the sending address was either on a sticker that fell off or was smeared too badly to be read? Perhaps you are looking for ways to improve your brand and increase your professional status among your customers and clients?

If so, then you should consider using window envelopes at your business. Window envelopes have a through window that shows the sending address which is printed on the inner paper or document. Using window envelopes can save your business time and money while increasing your advertising to your customer and clients. Here are a few advantages of using window envelopes for your business.

Many businesses send out bills, form letters and information through the mail. Using standard plain envelopes means you have to print the information on the documents inside and then switch them out with the letters that need to be printed on the outside. Using window envelopes means you can double print the documents themselves with the sending address on the back. Instead of having the printing machines reloaded and reset, you instead save time and effort by simply resending the back of the original documents through that put the sending address on them.

While it doesn’t happen that often, a letter with a missing or smeared sending address will get sent back to you. That means the letter has to be opened and read to figure out who was suppose to get this information and then resent. This action alone wastes time, effort and money that could otherwise be spent doing something else that helps your business. Using window envelopes means that the sending address is protected behind a layer of clear cellophane.

The elements that can normally affect stickers, print or writing on the outside of a letter cannot touch the inside, meaning that the sending address remains clearly seen. For every letter that is not sent back, you save money. This certainly makes having window envelopes worth having for your business.

People notice seemingly subtle differences that can add to their impression of your business. For example, they know that window envelopes are slightly more expensive than regular, plain envelopes. But they also know the advantages of them as well. To get a window envelope in the mail means that your company makes a stronger, more positive impression on your client. They know that your business is willing to spend just a bit more to insure that your letter gets there. Such knowledge is subtle and by itself doesn’t mean that they’ll buy more products or services from you, but it does mean that when combined with your other advertising efforts it will make a stronger, more positive impact.

A window envelope can definitely help your business to get the information needed to your clients and customers more quickly and less expensively with fewer instances of having letters returned.
Business Envelopes to Imrove your Business
Are you looking to improve the status of your business? For example, do you want to make a better impression on your customers and clients without having to spend a great deal of money? If so, then you can use business envelopes to help bolster the status of your business

Business envelopes have been used for decades by companies to send information to their customer and clients. The rise of the internet along with email communication has still not significantly dented the need to send contracts, bills and information through the public mail system. The business envelopes themselves are distinguished by their sturdy construction, quality materials and the printing of the name of the business, address, city and zip code in the receiving address are of the envelope.
Here are a few reasons your company should consider using business envelopes to send to your customers and clients.

Business envelopes come in a variety of sizes, but they can handle larger documents and multiple pages better than the cheaper, traditional sizes of envelopes. You want to insure that what you send to your clients and customers comes through without bends or folds that make it less presentable or harder to read and handle.

The most obvious advantage of having business envelopes with your company name printed is that you reinforce the advertising efforts you have made such as print ads, internet banners, and radio and TV spots. Seeing your business name works not only for your customers, but for those who happen to see the letter as well. Remember that the backbone of most business profits is built off of repeat customer business. The name of your company on business envelopes helps to build trust and loyalty that can lead to repeat business.

Business envelopes are not only sturdy and created from high quality paper materials, having your business name and address printed means less confusion for the person receiving the letter. Some businesses use stickers or even hand write the name of their business which can get smeared or the sticker can fall off. Business envelopes with your company name will not smear or be removed from the envelope leading to less confusion for your clients and customers.

A sign of professionalism for your company is using business envelopes. They are slightly more expensive than plain, traditional envelopes, but people know the difference when they receive them in the mail. This can be reinforced if you have these envelopes printed with your business name. A good, well printed business envelope can bolster your reputation, brand and image to the people you send the letters. You want to insure that your business envelopes are printed professionally for the best results.

Overall, business envelopes add to your bottom line even if they cost slightly more than your average, plain envelope. Their sturdy construction and larger size make them perfect for your company needs when you have to send information out. Be sure to look over the different sizes, colors and printing options when ordering business envelopes.

Order Double Windows Envelopes

Double Window Envelopes

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Double Windows Envelopes Are The Best Envelopes!

As an office employee, I use envelopes for many different things. I have to say, though, Double Window Envelopes are my favorite. That sounds funny, doesn’t it? To say one has a “favorite envelope.” But it’s true. I use them most often to mail checks. And when I slide a check inside one, I love that I get to see both the address and the return address showing through the little plastic windows.

It always gives me a little jolt of pleasure when I realize I will not have to remember (again) which way to put the envelope into the printer in order to print the mailing information. I ruin so many envelopes that way. With my Double Window Envelopes, I only have to use the printer once! The check has all the information on it and I never have to waste time printing the same information twice.

With other envelopes, you can stuff them any which way. I enjoy sliding that check in just that certain way so that everything displays correctly. Double Window Envelopes demand a certain procedure. They have protocol. In order for them to do the job they were created to do, one has to do it their way. I like for my office supplies to take charge like that.

Sometimes I make a mistake when I hand address envelopes. I hate throwing away a perfectly good envelope. I never have that happen to me when I am using Double Window Envelopes. I hate to waste paper. My boss hates it even more. He yells at me and then I’m sad or I get upset and while I am muttering to myself, I sometimes manage to ruin another envelope! My favorite ones, though, never leave me in this predicament.

Do you ever think about the office supplies having personalities? I do. A staple remover is arrogant. If you use him incorrectly, he will bite you. A piece of paper is submissive; equally willing to be either the vessel of important ciphers and diagrams or just scribbles and doodles. Double Window Envelopes are regal and demanding, “You will insert your document into me a certain way, or you will not be able to mail it.”

I sometimes stare at those finished Double Window Envelopes with all those checks in them. Each payee clearly displayed in the lower window while the company logo proudly occupies the upper one. I like to imagine that every one of those checks are for me.

Yes, I guess I am just a crazy cubicle clown. My mind wanders sometimes when I’m stuck staring at my little walls trying to get some work done. I’m writing this right now while I should be doing some payroll checks. Oh, hey! Today is payday! Today, one of those Double Window Envelopes will have my name staring back at me thru the little window! Yay!
Self Seal and Window Self Seal Envelopes

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We carry a huge selection of all styles of self seal window envelopes and without window self seal envelopes.
Using Window Envelopes To Make A Business Run More Smoothly
When a business wants to run properly and smoothly there are a few different types of business envelopes, like the window envelopes, that a business would want to have for those different situations in which they need to send out different pieces of mail. When a business is prepared for every type of situation their business would benefit from the extra time and energy spent preparing. After the preparation is finished the rest of the business would be more relaxed and not as nerve wracking in the end.

Business envelopes can be used to send out all types of information. Some of this information can include brochures, sales events, and even important personal information. Every piece of mail has a different type of envelope that would work best for that piece of mail. Not having a certain type of envelope, such as secure tinted envelopes for important personal information, can become a problem when trying to run a business properly. Window envelopes not only work for many different pieces of mail but it has become an essential type of envelope that nearly every business uses.

Window envelopes with logo have been used by every major business around but has been commonly seen in smaller and smaller business. With a little adjustment in the letter head these envelopes would only need to be sealed and sent out in the mail. With this type of envelope the receiver of the piece of mail will see that it is in fact meant for them. It is seen commonplace and generally is known as the business envelope to use. There is another common variation of this envelope that is also seen commonly today.

This variation of window envelopes includes the double window envelopes. By using this type of envelope a business would be able to have the receiver of the piece of mail not only know that it is addressed to them but to also see who has sent the piece of mail. This envelope shares the spot with the original in terms of being used the most. Since it is a commonplace variation it would be good to stock up on these as well.

Even though there are two main types of window envelopes there are a couple options to choosing how to seal these envelopes. The first variation on sealing these types of envelopes is the lick and stick. This can be harder if a business has to send out many pieces of mail. This is generally the method used to send out single pieces of mail or even just a few. When it comes to sealing and sending out massive pieces of mail the next method might be best for that business.

The next method in sealing window envelopes includes the flip and stick window envelopes. This lets the sender to peel off the backing to a sticky pad of sorts to press and seal up the envelope. This is a quicker method and will help to cut back on the licking of envelopes. This method, along with these types of envelopes, will help to cut back on both the time and expenses when sending out pieces of mail.

Business envelopes can range in both sizes and colors. By finding the right type of business envelopes for your business a business owner can ensure themselves that they are making the best choice for their business in order to run more smoothly. Finding window envelopes with the sealing that works best for them a business will be able to run properly and smoothly.
How Custom Business Envelopes Can Maximize Your Business

Business Envelopes

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Business Envelopes with Return Address

Business Envelopes
with Return Address
Reg. Printed EnvelopesReply Envelopes
Business Envelopes with a Window

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Business Envelopes with 2 Windows

Double Window Business Envelopes
Window EnvelopesBusiness Double Window Envelopes

When it comes to having a business purchasing the right business envelopes would help so much in the long run. In any business they would need to stock up on several different types of envelopes for their business so that they are prepared to send out all different types of mail and other important information. Below you will not only find information on business envelopes but on some of the different uses of several different types of envelopes as well.

Business envelopes are classified as the standard envelopes. Many times these envelopes can have one or two windows or even be tinted for sending out personal information. With business envelopes an individual, or a business, would be able to find a variety of envelopes at a cheap price depending on where they go and look for their quality envelopes.

A single window envelope was made so that the person to whom the letter, invoice, etc is going to will be able to see that it is addressed to them. This is the most common form of a business envelope available and seen today. With a little alteration to a piece of mail will a company not only see their time and energy but they will spend less of their hard earned money.

Another commonly seen business envelope includes the double windowed envelope. This type of envelope is great for showing both the person whom the piece of mail is going to and the company or business that is sending out the piece of mail. This allows for the person to know that the piece of mail is for them and who the piece of mail is coming from.

Another great and yet commonly seen envelope is the security envelope, or the tinted envelope. This envelope is essential when a business wants to send out invoices or sends out personal information such as a credit card or other information that a person would want to keep private. This is a great way to keep important information hidden and away from snooping eyes.

Another great business envelope that a business would want to look for customized, or customizable, envelopes. By getting a customized envelope a business could let their creative side through or show off a particular promotion or sale that they are featuring. By having a customizable envelope a business would be able to show off their business and to help make their mail and other important information stand out from the rest. Instead of having a plain business envelope getting on that looks unique to your business would be the best way to go.

Envelopes are the key to having a successful business. Usually they are overlooked so easily but with the right envelopes and the right amount a business will find that their business tends to run more smoothly. By purchasing different types of these envelopes a business would be able to know for sure that their business has the proper business envelopes to run properly. Running efficiently, perfectly, and cutting back on costs is essential for every business who wants to make more profit but wants to make sure that their client’s get the best care possible.
The Popularity Of Self Seal Envelopes
Most consumers including the public and businesses alike both use envelopes. And there are many different types including self seal envelopes. Those specific types of envelopes are making everything a lot simpler, you no longer have to lick the glue to mail an envelope. Many people were beginning to complain about that, and then the flip and stick self seal envelopes were readily available to the public.

All you have to do is simply peel and stick, very easy. And the public and businesses alike are both using this type of envelopes very frequently now. Many people seem to actually like mailing postings a lot better this way.

Self seal envelopes range in different prices, depending upon where you decide to purchase them from. You will be able to get a box of 1,000 for around $66 dollars. You must always know exactly how many you need, if you order a certain number then you actually need more than you expected, you will encounter some problems.

And you must always decide if you want them printed or not. If you decide to have them printed with your logo or company name on them, it will cost a little extra. A box of 1,000 printed self seal envelopes will cost about $79 dollars. Though the pricing may vary depending upon the store or stationery site you inevitably decide to purchase them from.

They also range greatly in sizes, there are many different types of self seal envelopes readily available on the market. There are the smaller ones for bills and checks, and the larger ones that contain catalogs and other important documents of that nature. The size of the specific envelopes will also influence the pricing as well. The larger ones such as the catalog envelopes will cost a little bit more than their smaller counterparts. But the sizing all depends upon what exactly you will need to make your business run smoothly.

Some self seal envelopes even come in a variety of colors, say if you needed to send out invitations, you could use them for something like that. Colored envelopes are mainly for personal use, when you have something you want to mail to a friend or family member. There are very good to have around the house as well though.

So before you make that order, you must know exactly how many envelopes you will be needing. And you should know how big they should be, should they have windows, and do you want your logo printed on them? There is a lot to think about before making a purchase or sending out an order for a business, even something small as self seal envelopes could lead to major problems arising if they aren't correct.
Double Window Envelopes Are A Practical, Professional Way To Mail Invoices And Other Secure Documents
Double window envelopes

Believe it or not, the way your mail looks truly does have an impact on the professional appearance of your business. Choosing the appropriate business envelopes based on appearance and size for each professional mailing you send is the perfect way to ensure your business mail looks completely professional every time. There are many different types of envelopes to choose from, so which is the right fit for your business mail?

Double window envelopes are often the appropriate choice for business mailings. Whether you are sending invoices, checks to vendors, or using them for payroll purposes, double window envelopes are going to get the job done and look great in the process.

Security with double window envelopes

Double window envelopes can be purchased with or without tint for security, but if you are mailing an invoice or check, security may not be a bad idea. Security tinting keeps people from being able to recover sensitive account information from your mail. Security tinted double window envelopes protect the personal information of your business, your clients, and your customers.

Saving money with double window envelopes

Most double window envelopes are compatible with the more common accounting programs for your home or business computer. This saves the money you would have spent on to and from mailing labels, and still gives you a professional looking final product.

Different sizes of double window envelopes

In order to perfectly match your double window envelopes with the sizes of your invoices, you can often choose from different sized products. Whether it is the envelope itself that you need in a special size, or you require a special sized window for logo or address display, there are a large variety of different specifications that Business Envelopes can provide for you. Always remember that the proper sized envelope will ensure that the mailing address of your customer will be read appropriately, and a correctly fitting envelope just generally looks more professional.

Easier mailing lists with double window envelopes

You will find that the process of mailing to large lists of consumers will be a lot easier with customized double window envelopes. Stuffing envelopes easily with custom fit invoices, followed by the simple process of pulling the self-sealing strip off each envelope to prepare them for mailing will save you extensive amounts of time you could be dedicating to the more complex aspects of your business.

Double window envelopes are the smart option for sending professional, efficient, and cost effective mailings from your company or small business. Business Envelopes can serve all of your mailing needs from regular envelopes to padded shipping envelopes, and everything in between; including double window envelopes. Go the sensible route and order from a trusted source, saving time and money you would be burning with long trips to the office supply store. Double window envelopes in all sizes are just a click away.
Business Envelopes To Meet All Of Your Business Mailing Needs
There are many different types of business envelopes, many of which are used for a specific purpose. One thing remains consistent: business envelopes are an important staple for your company, and there are few companies that will ever find themselves in a position where business envelopes are NOT a necessity.

Whether you are mailing legal documents and reference letters; or if you are sending coupons, catalogs, or letters of appreciation to valued customers, you will find yourself needing an envelope to do so. Fortunately there are many different types of business envelopes available to meet any and all mailing needs.

For basic mailings, the most professional option for business envelopes is the window envelope. Window business envelopes provide an open space for the company to show a printed mailing address of the person they intend to receive the piece of mail.

Window envelopes with printed addresses look extremely professional and put together, as the company never has to worry about the neatness of penmanship, or fret about wasting valuable work time writing many addresses on a pile of traditional, regular business envelopes.

For larger mail, such as legal documents or catalogs, open-ended envelopes of legal size are the appropriate option. For any documents that could be deemed confidential, choosing a business envelope with a sturdy adhesive strip would be a wise decision. The person receiving the mail would be able to tell if the letter had been tampered with.

If mailing a catalog, consider a clasp envelope. These are large, and open easily. You will not have to worry about the customer tearing or damaging the catalog you sent them.

Businesses with more complex business envelope needs, such as those who purchase special business envelopes to ship fragile products would need to look for envelopes that contain bubble wrap or some sort of protective barrier. If you prefer sending your products in business envelopes rather than in awkward, heavy boxes, be sure to choose a packing product that is the appropriate size (not too tight or too loose).

Our company specializes in providing you with all of your business envelope needs, whether they are basic—you need a small or large shipment of regular business envelopes—or complex, with a need of many different types of envelopes in different sizes.

Check back frequently to see our special deals on business envelopes and other related products, such as discounts on bulk orders of business envelopes printed with your logo and return address! This is a great money and time saver! Did you know that printer ink is one of the most expensive liquids in the world? Buying bulk business envelopes with your company name and logo will save your company some big bucks.

Whether you are looking for window envelopes, security envelopes, double window envelopes, blank or printed envelopes; Business Envelopes has all of your office mailing needs covered securely, safely, and quickly!
When To Buy Window Envelopes

Window Envelopes

Window Printed Envelopes 
Window Printed Envelopes

Window Blank Envelopes 
Window Blank Envelopes

Business Checks Window Envelopes 
Business Checks Envelopes


Many businesses and companies all over the world have a lot of things to deal with on a daily basis. Even something so small as envelopes can be a problem. Window Envelopes are seemingly very popular with all types of companies. And there are different types of window envelopes that are readily available for purchasing.

So you must always know exactly which kind to order, as the price will differ some. Though it seems like a trivial task to outsiders, it can be a big decision for businesses.

Some companies prefer to use single window envelopes, which include your name and address within the window and the company name printed on the top of the envelope. Whereas other companies prefer using double window envelopes, where the company name and your name are both in clear windows. It all depends upon what type of business or company it is sending you the mailing.

You will have to look around for the best deal, depending upon how many mailings you will be sending out. Big business have to purchase over 1,000 when ordering any type of envelopes. But smaller companies or for your own personal use can purchase a stack of 500 double window envelopes for around $47 dollars depending upon where they are purchased from.

Before purchasing any type of window envelopes you must always figure out if you want them to arrive printed with your company logo or name, or blank. That will also influence the pricing as well, the printed window envelopes seem to cost a little bit more. You can get a stack of 500 printed window envelopes for around $99 dollars. When purchasing printed ones you must always figure out where you want the print to be located at, either the front of back.

Color can also be an issue as well, window envelopes can come in an array of different colors. Though most companies use plain white window envelopes, if you wanted to order envelopes to send out with invitations to an event you may think about a particular color scheme.

Businesses have a lot of things to think of when operating. Something so small as particular styles of envelopes can become an issue. Whether you want them blank or printed is also another issue that can arise when purchasing envelopes. You want to always be professional especially when mailing any type of document. So most companies just decide to continue, to purchase the plain white envelopes. Though you may receive a few envelopes that have a company logo on them or an envelope of an different color sometimes. The majority of most of the mail you receive on any given day is sealed with a plain white window envelope.
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