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    Business Envelopes To Meet All Of Your Business Mailing Needs

    There are many different types of business envelopes, many of which are used for a specific purpose. One thing remains consistent: business envelopes are an important staple for your company, and there are few companies that will ever find themselves in a position where business envelopes are NOT a necessity.

    Whether you are mailing legal documents and reference letters; or if you are sending coupons, catalogs, or letters of appreciation to valued customers, you will find yourself needing an envelope to do so. Fortunately there are many different types of business envelopes available to meet any and all mailing needs.

    For basic mailings, the most professional option for business envelopes is the window envelope. Window business envelopes provide an open space for the company to show a printed mailing address of the person they intend to receive the piece of mail.

    Window envelopes with printed addresses look extremely professional and put together, as the company never has to worry about the neatness of penmanship, or fret about wasting valuable work time writing many addresses on a pile of traditional, regular business envelopes.

    For larger mail, such as legal documents or catalogs, open-ended envelopes of legal size are the appropriate option. For any documents that could be deemed confidential, choosing a business envelope with a sturdy adhesive strip would be a wise decision. The person receiving the mail would be able to tell if the letter had been tampered with.

    If mailing a catalog, consider a clasp envelope. These are large, and open easily. You will not have to worry about the customer tearing or damaging the catalog you sent them.

    Businesses with more complex business envelope needs, such as those who purchase special business envelopes to ship fragile products would need to look for envelopes that contain bubble wrap or some sort of protective barrier. If you prefer sending your products in business envelopes rather than in awkward, heavy boxes, be sure to choose a packing product that is the appropriate size (not too tight or too loose).

    Our company specializes in providing you with all of your business envelope needs, whether they are basic—you need a small or large shipment of regular business envelopes—or complex, with a need of many different types of envelopes in different sizes.

    Check back frequently to see our special deals on business envelopes and other related products, such as discounts on bulk orders of business envelopes printed with your logo and return address! This is a great money and time saver! Did you know that printer ink is one of the most expensive liquids in the world? Buying bulk business envelopes with your company name and logo will save your company some big bucks.

    Whether you are looking for window envelopes, security envelopes, double window envelopes, blank or printed envelopes; Business Envelopes has all of your office mailing needs covered securely, safely, and quickly!

    When To Buy Window Envelopes

    Window Envelopes


    Window Printed Envelopes 

    Window Blank Envelopes 

    Business Checks Window Envelopes 




    Many businesses and companies all over the world have a lot of things to deal with on a daily basis. Even something so small as envelopes can be a problem. Window Envelopes are seemingly very popular with all types of companies. And there are different types of window envelopes that are readily available for purchasing.


    So you must always know exactly which kind to order, as the price will differ some. Though it seems like a trivial task to outsiders, it can be a big decision for businesses.


    Some companies prefer to use single window envelopes, which include your name and address within the window and the company name printed on the top of the envelope. Whereas other companies prefer using double window envelopes, where the company name and your name are both in clear windows. It all depends upon what type of business or company it is sending you the mailing.


    You will have to look around for the best deal, depending upon how many mailings you will be sending out. Big business have to purchase over 1,000 when ordering any type of envelopes. But smaller companies or for your own personal use can purchase a stack of 500 double window envelopes for around $47 dollars depending upon where they are purchased from.


    Before purchasing any type of window envelopes you must always figure out if you want them to arrive printed with your company logo or name, or blank. That will also influence the pricing as well, the printed window envelopes seem to cost a little bit more. You can get a stack of 500 printed window envelopes for around $99 dollars. When purchasing printed ones you must always figure out where you want the print to be located at, either the front of back.


    Color can also be an issue as well, window envelopes can come in an array of different colors. Though most companies use plain white window envelopes, if you wanted to order envelopes to send out with invitations to an event you may think about a particular color scheme.


    Businesses have a lot of things to think of when operating. Something so small as particular styles of envelopes can become an issue. Whether you want them blank or printed is also another issue that can arise when purchasing envelopes. You want to always be professional especially when mailing any type of document. So most companies just decide to continue, to purchase the plain white envelopes. Though you may receive a few envelopes that have a company logo on them or an envelope of an different color sometimes. The majority of most of the mail you receive on any given day is sealed with a plain white window envelope.

    Best Place To Get Business Envelopes

    Guest Post: A few weeks ago I needed business envelopes. I was not sure where to get them so I went online and searched through a few sites. I came across This site was great for me. I did not have to meet with a salesman. I did not have to get in my car and drive to a big box chain store and I did not have to wait in line. This site was extremely easy and efficient in finding what I needed and getting my envelopes ordered. I was able to easily upload my logo and return address, pick out the envelopes that I wanted, place my order and be back to business as usual within minutes. From the research that I did their prices were excellent too. I was very impressed with this website. I was impressed enough to take a few moments out of my busy day to write something about them.

    After I had placed my order I had decided that I wanted to double my order. Through their customer service I was able to easily change my order within a matter of minutes and I got an even better deal! I remember when I first started out I had called a salesman that sold business stationary and envelopes. I had to make an appointment with the guy and I think my meeting with him took about forty five minutes. That is just unnecessary time spent on ordering business envelopes. I am so thankful for a site like this where I can hop online, pick out what I want, place my order and be done with the entire transaction within minutes.

    The business envelopes arrived at my door a lot faster than I had expected and a lot faster than when I purchased envelopes through a salesman. I remember waiting a few days with the salesman and then finally getting a proof. After I had signed off on my proof it was another week before I received my envelopes. I was already sending out mail and went almost two weeks sending out blank generic envelopes. Having an business envelope with your logo and return address makes a better first impression. The envelopes from were at my door front in no time and the quality was fabulous! The card stock was thicker than I had anticipated given the price that I paid and the print quality was top notch. I will never look anywhere else for my business envelope needs. It beats taking the time to meet with a salesman and having to wait days for the proof and even more time for the actual product that I ordered. Thank you for the great service and great product!

    Getting Window Envelopes To Cut Back On Expenses

    In a business there are many different types of envelopes that will need to be purchased in order for the business to run more smoothly. One type of envelope that a company would want to purchase that will make everyone’s life easier is the window envelopes. These envelopes have many different benefits but each and every one helps to benefit the business.

    One of the benefits that window envelopes will bring to a business is that it will cut back down on the time and energy with these. Depending on the type of information that you are sending out in documents these envelopes will help to make the job easier. By adding your recipient’s address into the document, where the window will go, they will find that they cut back down on time by having to personally address the envelope.

    There are a few varieties of window envelopes that a business would want to look into to make sure that they are purchasing the right type for their business. The two main different type of envelopes include window envelopes and double window envelopes. The double window envelopes have openings where the address of the person receiving would go as well as the address of the sender.

    Another of the options that a business can look into when they purchase window envelopes include the traditional stick envelopes and the peel envelopes. The traditional stick envelopes are the ones that need to get wet in order to stick. When your business gets the peel and stick envelopes all they would have to do is peel off the backing and then stick the envelope together. Getting the peel and stick envelopes would save time and energy as well.

    When a business is looking to purchase window envelopes from they would want to think about getting these envelopes customized. By going through this envelope company to customize their window envelopes they can get them customized for free. Getting free customization will help to get your envelopes noticed by your future client’s as well as your current clients. Your business would make a better impression.

    If your business is looking for the best deal on window envelopes then going through would be the best company to go through. Not only do they guarantee that they have the best prices around they also guarantee that if your business finds a better price then they will not only match that price but give a discount of ten percent on the price of the envelopes too. Getting the best price on envelopes will help your business to save money as well.

    Window envelopes will help a business to save both time and energy. These envelopes are commonly used by businesses everywhere. By making sure to get these envelopes customized a business can make sure that their window envelopes stick out from the rest of the mail that a client will get.

    Using Double Window Envelopes To Improve Your Business

    As a business owner there are many different types of envelopes, such as the Double window envelopes, that you would want to invest in so that you can make sure that your business runs smoothly. One type of envelope is the double window envelopes which will help your business to get more across to the viewer instead of being considered just spam mailings.

    With double window envelopes a business will find that the windows in these envelopes let the recipient address, if its on the letter, and the business address, again if its on the letter, be seen through the envelope so that you do not have to waste time by writing it all out. This makes it convenient for both your business and the recipient of the letter. By using these types of envelopes you would find that it takes you a lot less time then it would if you had to do them all personally.

    If your business is used to printing out labels on a computer or even doing it by hand you will find that these envelopes will save you plenty of time. When you are preparing your piece of mail you would want to include both your address and the recipient’s address on that piece of mail in the proper place. That way when it is folded it lines up and everything is already done for you.

    These envelopes work for plenty of mailing options. Some of the things that the double window envelopes can work well for includes paycheck, paycheck stubs, letters, invoices, mailed out memos, and many other options. By choosing this type of envelope some of the options that took you longer before only take you and your business mere minutes.

    If you decide to purchase your envelopes through they provide all sorts of double window envelopes that would sit your businesses needs. For example if your business is sending out personal or classified mail then the security lining double envelopes would work best in that situation. By finding the right double window envelope for you and your business you can get your mail sent out faster.

    Along with picking out the different style of double window envelopes that would work well for a business you can choose how you would like to adhere your envelopes. The first option is the standard lick style lining and the second is the peel and stick type envelopes. The peel and stick type envelopes will help to further speed up the process of sending out mail because it is as quick as a flick of the wrist.

    Double window envelopes would work perfectly for a business that wants to speed up the process of sending out their mail. By choosing the right envelopes for them and the style that they are looking for a business would be able to order and receive the envelopes quickly through the mail. The double window envelopes will not only help a business to cut back on time but it could help the business to cut back on expenses as well.

    Getting Business Envelopes For The Cheapest Price Around

    When you own a business one of the things that you would want to think about purchasing envelopes of varies looks, sizes, and uses. This way it would make it easier for when you have to send out invoices, thank you letters, and other information. When a business purchases these envelopes it is an excellent way to promote your business without even trying.

    Business envelopes are an essential item that any business is going to need in order to perform everyday tasks. By going through Business Envelopes a business would be able to find one of the biggest selections of envelopes to choose from. When choosing the perfect envelope you would want to think about the situation that you are going to use them for and then you would want to think about the particular design that you would be looking for.

    When a business is in motion there are several things and situations that the business would need to have a different envelope for. Some of the different situations can include sending out personal business information that you don’t want anyone else to know and another situation can include sending out a thank you card. Both of these situations would need to have different types of business envelopes.

    Some of the more popular business envelopes on includes security envelopes, return envelopes, and peel and stick envelopes. Security envelopes are especially tinted so that no one other then the receiver can see what information is inside the envelopes. Peel and stick envelopes are great to use so that you do not have to lick the sticky stuff but just pull the tab. This makes sending out massive amounts of mail and envelopes so much easier.

    If a business is looking to save money when choosing to purchase business envelopes when they go to they would want to look in on the specials that they have. On many occasions they will have various envelopes that they have on special. When you are purchasing envelopes from this section you are bound to find deals on the envelopes that you have already wanted to purchase.

    If you are looking for more discounts and you are a new member to their website you would get a discount that you would be able to use for your first purchase. In order to get this discount code you would need to sign up for their website before your purchase. Another great way to save includes them printing your logo onto their envelopes for the price of free. Free is always a great way to save money. They also guarantee that they have the lowest prices around. If you happen to find a lower priced envelopes then they are offering you would want to get in touch with the company before you make a purchase.

    Business envelopes are a major key to any business. By purchasing different envelopes you would be able to make sure that you have the right envelope for every circumstance or event that comes. By getting such a good price on envelopes a business would be able to stock up so that they don’t have to purchase envelopes for a while.

    Window Envelopes Are A Proven Sound Business Decision

    Window Envelopes

    Your business has to rely on the presentation that you create for your company. You want that presentation show professionalism. At the core of what you present to people is your paper correspondence. One very effective and highly used methods of sending those correspondences is in window envelopes.

    Window envelopes have always had a very professional look and they grab the attention of those people that get them. In addition to their appearance they are very practical and make a sound business decision for a number of reasons. One of the best reasons is that they can have all the features of a non windowed envelope.

    Window envelopes are the popular envelopes we all get, used mostly for business correspondences checks, billing, statements, etc. They come with a piece of see through cellophane over the window. Some people opt to go without the cellophane and that option is readily available.

    Because these envelopes often carry personal information, and checks, they often have a security coating printed on the inside. Their main purpose is to allow printed material that is inside the envelope show outside. This allows you to print invoices and address your envelopes at the same time. You can also get double windows that allow you to show the return address through a window as well.

    When doing a high number of correspondences such as multiple bill mailings is when businesses usually use window envelopes. The money saved on printing makes this a good long term decision. Window envelopes also make a good marketing decision as well. When ordering, make sure that your whole printing strategy is worked out so that the window envelopes coordinate well with your other printed material. Once your printing strategy is worked out you can order your high volume printing at bulk rates and be confident of having the same presentation every time.

    When making this long term decision to buy envelopes, the exact sized envelope with the location of the window where you need it, this is the time to think about colors and customization. Prominent names and logos that are written on the correspondence inside can proudly be displayed on the outside of the envelope as well. Of course they can come in any color you want to match your company colors or the colors of your logo. You can also order the envelopes customized and pre printed to your specifications.

    If you would like to get window envelopes and use them right away before you develop your whole billing presentation you can do that by getting blank stock standard window envelopes and work on the location on a letter where you address it. Standard business letter writing will locate the address in the right spot and after a quick demo you can start saving on window envelopes right away.

    Learn more about history or types of window envelopes

    The History And Types Of Window Envelopes

    They are something that private citizens and public businesses use everyday, window envelopes. Many people may not consider it, but the window envelope hasn't always been around, in fact it has a history all its own. We'll be discussing that history and what types of window envelopes are available today because of it.

    The History of Window Envelopes

    Window envelopes start their life no different than another envelope. The only difference is that after it is designed and glued, a perfectly rectangular hole is cut into the face of the envelope. That hole will be covered with a transparent film or plastic that will display the recipient’s address. It hasn't been around for as long as the envelope itself, but it does seem like a simple change that took hundreds of years to accomplish.

    The first window envelopes were patented and produced in 1901 by Americus F. Callahan. During war years and years suffering materials shortages caused the window to be left open. There were even processes that used hot oil that made a clear plastic-like film to cover the window opening.

    Currently, manufacturers all over the world use their own designs and methods to create window envelopes. While there is no international standard for this type of envelope, individual countries do have their own window envelopes standards to adhere by.

    Types of Window Envelopes

    There are several different types of window envelopes currently on the market. They include U.S. standard window envelopes, double window, and commercial window envelopes. We'll discuss each type and the best uses for them.

    The standard and commercial grade window envelopes are exactly the same thing in the US. It is common for these two types of window envelopes to have the window about a half-inch above the bottom of the envelope.

    The double window envelopes have a few more limitations because they are not made as regularly as the standard or commercial types. This style of envelope will have a layer of plastic film on the inside and outside of the envelope; making sure the window itself is watertight. Most often these are used with water resistant envelopes.

    There are also custom window envelopes if the standard or commercial sized ones won't fit your needs. These custom made envelopes can be specially ordered from any maker online or even, in some cases, at the post office.

    Custom window envelopes are too expensive, but they will cost more than its standard or commercial grade counter-parts. The window envelope, like the non-window envelope, can come in a variety of colors and styles that can be personalized by the customer when they order their window envelopes.

    The advantages of window envelopes lies in the level of professionalism and class they provide. If you want a professional look, then window envelopes are the choice for you.